Grateful . . .

 I added another button to my board yesterday. 

And really, I think this one is the most important one of them all at this point.  I got my second shot of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday and it's like another cloud of uncertainty has lifted from my life.  


J got his second shot yesterday, too, which means that we will both be fully vaccinated by the end of the month.  That means that we might finally be able to see each other again.  Maybe even in April.  We are crossing our fingers.  My arm was sore and I slept a lot last night.  I felt a little punk this morning but did not have a fever or anything like that.  J was pretty achy all over today from his but he's feeling better now.  I'm mostly just tired now.  

And grateful.  So very grateful.


Michelle said…
Oh, how much joy there must be to anticipate seeing your sweetie! Congratulations on your second shot!
Retired Knitter said…
I will have my second shot on March 29 - and two weeks later, I can see my grand-baby!! I am feeling pretty grateful as well.
A :-) said…
Michelle - thank you, and yes - we miss each other so much.

Elaine - congratulations!! I know you will be so happy to see your granddaughter again! :-)

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