Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Sunday Wrap-Up . . .

It's Sunday  :-)  It's Mother's Day, so have a happy one if you're a mom  :-)

First, the shoulder update.  I did see the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday.  The Good News is that, at this time, I don’t have to have a cortisone shot nor do I require surgery. I'm ALL happy about this.  :-)

The Not Quite so Good news is that the doc did confirm tendinitis in my shoulder which has led to a degree of adhesive capsulitis, sometimes referred to as frozen shoulder. Apparently it’s more common in women of a certain age … ahem … and can come out of nowhere, which it did with me. I have to do another 4-6 weeks of PT and then go visit the surgeon again  He also said that it is not uncommon for nothing to happen with this direction until at least the second month of PT. 

The surgeon was going to give me something for the pain that I could take before PT, but I am allergic to codeine, tramadol, and many other pain meds. There was almost a mishap in this area, so I ordered a MedicAlert dogtag on Wednesday - seemed like it might be a good thing to have.  So, because I am already taking diclofenac (which is like Advil on steroids), I get to take an Extra Strength Tylenol about an hour before PT and I can take one before going to bed, too.  It's not much, but it helps somehow.  I have definitely made a little bit of progress this week.  I'm muscle sore, so I think I'm getting somewhere.  :-)

Unfortunately, as with some other inflammatory conditions (such as plantar fasciitis) it can take what feels like a staggeringly long time for frozen shoulder resolve, although it usually does so without invasive procedures (crossing my fingers!).  I'm not really interested in a year+ recovery time, so I am being very diligent with my PT. In the meantime, however, it’s still very much The No-Fun Plan. Interestingly enough, though, having the expert confirm the path I and my physical therapist have been on has been oddly uplifting.  At least I truly know now, what's going on - I have something to grasp and focus on. 

In other news of the week, some beautiful things are happening here on the stands  :-)

These are the first blossoms on K's Tipsy Spritzer (love it!!)  I think it's going to be a heavy bloomer and I'm excited to be growing it.  It will be potted on at the end of the month.

 And this one I've been waiting on for months.  This stunner is Paula's Fidgety Frankie

I am usually not keen on fantasy blossoms - that's what you call a blossom like this that is streaked with another color - but I certainly love this one  :-)  It's been a very slow grower for me - it's still in a Solo cup and will also be potted on at the end of the month.

I'm also finally working on some socks for my sister-in-law from yarn she picked out at least three years ago  :-D    These are my YOSS socks for May.  I'm just about to pick up the gusset!

The pattern is Hermione's Everyday Socks and the yarn is Socks that Rock Lightweight in the River Rocked colorway.  This is my first time with this pattern and I really love it!

I'm going to leave you with a favorite - together again . . .

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Field Report: And So It Goes . . .

When last we left our intrepid heroine, she had just been fat-shamed at an MRI test . . . Oh, wait.  No, we last left her at the beginning of PT, with a diagnosis of tendinitis of the rotator cuff with a degree of frozen shoulder.

I've been in PT for four weeks now.  It's really the No-Fun Plan.  I'm happy to share that I have regained a great deal of mobility in a variety of directions.  All directions, in fact, except for the one I really need.  I have made no measurable progress in being able to twist my arm to reach behind my back.  So - you're probably thinking to yourself, what do you need to do that for anyway?  Let me enlighten you - feel free to play along and demonstrate to yourself  ;-)

  • If you are a woman and you wear a bra, how do you hook and unhook it?  You twist your arm(s) and reach behind and up.
  • How do you pull your pants up?  You reach down with your arms slightly in front of you and pull them up.  And then you slide your arms around to the side to adjust the waistband, and then you twist your arm to reach behind to adjust the waistband there.
  • How do you tuck in a shirt or blouse?  Not that I do this often, but you twist your arm and reach behind you.
  • How do you take a t-shirt off?  You reach up to the neck and pull it off over your head, usually twisting your arm toward the back in some fashion.
  • How do you put a coat or a sweater on?  You pick up one arm - generally with your elbow moving slightly behind you and you twist your arm to reach in to the sleeve while simultaneously reaching behind with the other arm to get into the other sleeve.  
Alrighty then . . .

I suppose the good news is that I'm forcing my brain to forge some new pathways learning how to get my clothes off and on in ways that don't hurt.  I pretty much always hooked my bra in front and then slid it around to the back to get it on, but I always just reached back with my right hand at the end of the day and unhooked it to take it off.  Now I'm sliding it back around to the front.  I don't know why this particular one irritates me so much, but it seems very difficult to do  :-D  On the pants, I'm reaching way across my back with my left hand to make sure things get pulled up correctly.  Not tucking anything at the moment.  I have a whole new way of getting tops and sports bras off and on, which involves pulling my left arm out of its sleeve and then getting them off any way I can while not bending my right arm in any way.  And now I keep my right arm straight to get my coat on, which makes for some very funny motions as I attempt to then get my left arm in the other sleeve and the coat actually on my body.

I find the fact that I have made NO measurable progress in this area to be very disheartening.  People keep telling me to look on the bright side - and I would really just like to slap them.  I absolutely am positive, and happy that I've regained so much mobility, but, clearly, they are not having any difficulties getting their clothing on and off every day, and they must be getting a great night's sleep every night.  I'm lucky to get 5 or 6 hours before awaking from the pain, and then I toss and turn the rest of the night, never able to find a comfortable position for my shoulder that will allow me to drift back off to sleep for another 2 or 3 hours.

The physical therapist is now making noises about "a shoulder specialist" and/or a "shot," and I'm waiting on a call back from my doctor to discuss next steps.  I did have a massage yesterday, and it definitely made a difference in my ability to sleep without as much pain last night.  Still - my sleep is consistently disrupted by the shoulder, and not enough sleep makes everything worse.  Even my tried and true guided imagery didn't work to help me back to sleep.  I found it very interesting that I could physically tell the difference as she worked on me last night - while the left side of my body seemed pretty normal, the muscles on the entire right side of my body were so tight that it felt like they were made of stone,

Blarg  :-P   So it goes . . .

I have an update on the asthma front, as well.  Obviously my thought that my new asthma med might have been causing my shoulder/arm pain didn't pan out.  I went back to the asthma doc this morning and my spirometry results were not nearly as good as they were on the Arnuity Ellipta (AE).  I, myself, had felt that Flovent wasn't working well for me for some time, which is why we went to the AE in the first place.  So, since it didn't affect my shoulder one way or the other, tonight I stop the Flovent and return to the AE.  I'm looking forward to even better breathing again in relatively short order.  Of course, the trade-off for me in this is reduced vocal control.  Thankfully choir is pretty much over for the summer already.  I just won't sing for the next few weeks.

In additional good news of the day, my blood pressure seems to have finally normalized again after last summer's spike when my asthma was uncontrolled.  It was 108/74 this morning at the asthma doc's office.  This is encouraging!!  Yay Me!!

The size of my ass, however, is not encouraging . . . apparently I am not able to multi-task here.  All my energy at the moment is focused on not hurting, and I guess that's really all I can do for now, so I'm working hard not to beat myself up about being less than successful in shrinking the size of my ass.

That's the news from The Third Coast today  :-)

In other news - many thanks for the good wishes for my cousin.  She had surgery on Tuesday afternoon and is now the new owner of a stainless steel plate and six screws that are holding the broken pieces of her leg bone in place while her body knits itself back together.  She's pretty much immobilized, and I'm going over as often as I can to visit and distract her, even if it's just a short visit.  I have a fun plan for us for Saturday afternoon which doesn't involve her having to move around at all.  I'll share it with you this weekend  :-)

Hoping it warms back up again soon - I had to pull out my winter coat again.  Here's a happy summer song from back in the way back . . .  :-)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ten on Tuesday . . .

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is:  10 Movies You Have To Stop & Watch When You Come Across Them While Channel Surfing

Hmmm - I don't often find movies while channel surfing, but if I found any of these, I would totally stop and watch  :-)

  1. History is Made at Night, 1937, with Charles Boyer and Jean Arthur (probably my all-time favorite movie)*
  2. Auntie Mame, 1958, with Rosalind Russell
  3. Bagdad Cafe, 1987, with CCH Pounder and Marianne Sagebrecht
  4. I've Heard the Mermaids Singing, 1987, with Sheila McCarthy
  5. The Man Who Fell to Earth, 1976, with David Bowie
  6. Lost in Translation, 2003, with Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson (Bill Murray was robbed of the Oscar that year)
  7. Babe, 1995, with James Cromwell (don't watch the sequel - it's terrifying)
  8. Love Actually, 2003, with everyone in the UK world :-)
  9. Salaam-e-Ishq,  2007, with Priyanka Chopra (yes, that Priyank Chopra) and Salman Khan, and a cast of everyone in the Bollywood world.  Essentially an Indian Love Actually.  It's long, but it's wonderful  :-)
  10. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, 2008, with Shah Rukh Kahn - probably the best love story ever.
Now I want to watch some movies  :-)

*Just a side note on History is Made at Night.  This was my mom's favorite film, and if it was on the late night movie she would stay up to watch it.  I heard - my entire life - what an amazing film it was, but I never caught it on telly.  When the VCR came into existence, someone got one for my mom and she said to me, "What am I ever going to use this for??"  I suggested she see if she could find her favorite movie on VHS . . . She did and was thrilled beyond belief.

I was home for a visit in the late 1980s, and she had gone out one afternoon.  I found the video and popped it in to the VCR thinking it could not possibly be as wonderful as she always said it was.  This was back in the day when I was still a smoker and still drank Diet Pepsi.  It was mesmerizing and absolutely as wonderful as she had always said.  I think I chain smoked through the entire film and drank an untold number of cans of Diet Pepsi.

It's on YouTube now in parts, because I imagine it's in the public domain.  I have it still on VHS and on what is likely a bootleg on DVD (as far as I know it has never been released on DVD, unfortunately).  It's the best movie ever and I highly, highly recommend it.  The suave and debonair Charles Boyer.  The beautiful and funny Jean Arthur.  The hilarious Leo Carillo.  The dastardly Colin Clive.  You really need to see it.  Trust me  :-)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Sunday Wrap-up . . .

Finished up this sweet baby set for my cousin's daughter - she's due any day, and my cousin is on board to a trip to Budapest this summer to visit them.  She'll be taking this with her  :-)

The sweater is the Bigger Bitty Cardigan, and the hat - which is quite likely the cutest thing I have EVER knit - is the Ethan the Aviator hat.  The little red socks are simple baby socks.  Again - links are Rav links. I made the 6 months size.

I spent the day with my cousin yesterday - it was a quiet birthday.  She's doing well and is in good spirits.  she'll be seeing an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow or hopefully Tuesday at the latest.

There is good news and not so good news on my shoulder - the good news is that I have regained great range of motion in pretty much all directions except the one where you reach behind your back to get your clothes off and on and unhook your bra.  I haven't make ANY progress at all there and I feel sad about that.  Guess we'll see how it goes.

I found something I was looking for the other day . . . I don't know how long these will last on YouTube, so watch 'em quick.

First some fun . . .

And then some love (this is probably my favorite Prince tune)  . . .

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Milestone . . .

Today is my birthday  :-)  It's a milestone one.  Which milestone it is will be left to your imagination  ;-)

This is Fernando, the Family Flamingo. 

Whoever's birthday it is becomes keeper of Fernando until the next family birthday.  He spends his summers with me, and will be safely ensconced here in the sunroom until August  :-)

I would have been spending the day today with my cousin, ME, doing fun things like pedicures, etc.  I will still be spending the day with her - but unfortunately we will be staying close to home because she's on ice for the duration.

Not a great photo because I took it with my phone.  She was crouched down talking to a child in the classroom, and when she went to get up, she wobbled/stumbled.  She tried to regain her balance but was unable to do so.  Her leg is broken in three places.  You don't want to see the X-rays. 

So, we'll still celebrate my birthday, just not as originally planned.  I'm doing some things here in the house and then will get cleaned up and go over and spend the day with her. 

Pretty wild . . .

Friday, April 22, 2016

Raspberry Beret . . .

I was going to write about Prince today.  Another musical genius gone too soon.  Seriously - 2016 sucks for the arts.  As is my usual, I was going to share some of his music with you - but Prince was notorious for his dislike of the Internet and services such as YouTube and Spotify.  It's pretty much impossible to find any of his music videos anywhere online.  That was his way and he paid a lot of lawyers a lot of money to protect his copyright and brand. So, play 'em if you got 'em, and remember another musical soul gone too soon.

Kinda thinking there's going to be a lot of these patterns downloaded on Ravelry today, and quite likely a run on raspberry yarn . . .

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ten on Tuesday . . .

Today's Ten on Tuesday top is:  10 Albums You Love, as in, you love the entire album, not just a few select songs.

Lord.  How can you limit it to 10?????

In no particular order:
  1. Elton John - Madman Across the Water
  2. Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run
  3. Barry Manilow - Even Now
  4. Bruce Hornsby and the Range - The Way it Is
  5. Original Broadway Cast - Wicked
  6. Maire Breatnach - The Voyage of Bran
  7. James Taylor - Sweet Baby James
  8. David Bowie - Nothing Has Changed
  9. Jimmy Webb - Ten Easy Pieces
  10. Jimmy Webb - Suspending Disbelief
There are so many more I could list . . . 

Wow - someone uploaded all of The Voyage of Bran

Enjoy  :-)