Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Field Report . . .

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday.  That means that I've made it through Lent.  I was not successful with my food goal, but I was successful staying off of Facebook.  In years past I had to go online every Sunday to upload an episode of my podcast and ignore everything else.  I did not have that challenge this year, so I've been off of Facebook completely since Ash Wednesday.

It's clear to me that Facebook doesn't ever think that anyone will be off of Facebook for any extended period of time.  For weeks I have been getting the same email from them with the following subject:
You have 99 new notifications, 3 messages and 1 like on post you were tagged in.
:-D  Clearly they never figured that anyone would be off long enough to roll into three digits of notifications!

I'll be checking in tomorrow - but this has given me a really good break.  I don't really miss it all that much, actually, so I don't think I will be spending as much time on it as I used to.  This break has also given me the opportunity to further curate my feed and what appears there on a daily basis - a process that I started not all that long after the podcast ended this past November.

The Budget.  Things are going well here - I have slipped away a bit from the envelope method - it was extremely helpful in the beginning to get me back on a more focused path.  I'm very careful now about spending, and it's a rare occasion when I buy something that is not necessary.  I've definitely spent more on my food budget.  Taking my lunch every day has proved to be challenging and I do find myself eating out a little more than it optimal at lunch times.  I'm going to be working on that further.

The WIPs.  I have only two sweaters left on the needles, and two pairs of socks.  I did cast on for the second sock of Fly Away Home, and I hope to finish that this weekend.  I've made good progress here!!  And I've made good progress on this second sock.  I'm on the fifth pattern repeat on the cuff, and will start the heel flap shortly.  I continued the pattern on the front of the sock only to the end of the gusset, and then it's straight stockinette the rest of the way.  I will be glad to have these finished  :-)

The Amaryllis.  The blooms have not lasted long, I'm afraid.  The first blossom is already faded while the third is just opening up.  None of the other bud stalks ever shot up, so that's a bit disappointing, but so it goes.  At least I got one stalk for my efforts  :-)

This morning I'm headed off to my accountant for my annual tax appointment.  Crossing my fingers for some money back.  I really need to buy a new computer.

That's the news from The Third Coast this morning  :-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Something Finished!

Fine Sand is finally finished!

I cast this on in June 2015.  At least it was less than a year.  I really wanted to use this yarn, and although all three skeins were from the same dye lot, you can never be sure . . . it's quite easy to tell where I changed all three times.  It's noticeable when it's wet (blocking).  I'm hoping that it will be less noticeable when it's dry because I didn't notice any difference in the body until it was wet.

I know, I know, I should have alternated skeins the whole way through, but I truly hate doing that.  With a passion.  For as much as I love hand-dyed yarns, I usually only use them for single skein projects for this very reason.  Kinda glad that the darker skein is around the bottom  ;-)

Washing this project was gross.

Although that water looks sort of like it was dye in the photo, in person it just looked filthy  :-S   It took two rinses before it wasn't dirty.  By the last vinegar rinse, the water was a pale clear pinky/purple, which I know was dye and not dirt.

This yarn has sentimental value and I've been trying to find the right project for it for some time.  Years ago one Christmas, my cousin, (the one of "knitting bee" and "Let me get the Bail Money ready" fame) gave me a gift certificate to a local yarn store (that is, unfortunately, no longer around).  Doesn't sound like a very big deal until you take into consideration that this cousin is an extremely busy professional who went out of his way to first, actually find a yarn store; second, find a yarn store that had exquisite yarns; and third, knew that that was a present that I would really, really love.

And this Blue Heron Beaded Rayon yarn (now discontinued) was what I got:

Three skeins of it, which was 1,575 yards.  Finding the right pattern was challenging, but last year I settled on Find Sand.  I think that it will be a little small for me at the moment, but it will fit well by the end of summer.  I wondered about using Rayon for a sweater - it is a bit heavy, and it's likely to stretch, but I really liked it and it has knit up beautifully - kinda like a gradient . . .  That's my story and I'm sticking to it  ;-).


and Back:

So that's another off The Big List  :-)  I'm all happy   :-)

In addition, I finished up my Apothecary Cuffs on Sunday afternoon.  They've been lingering on the needles since October . . .

I really don't know why I waited so long to finish them.  It only took me about an hour and a half.  The yarn is my handspun.  It's Merino and Silk - I blended it on my hackle last year as part of a guild project.  I'm happy to have made something with it, and I think there might even be enough left for a hat  :-)   I had to forcibly restrain myself from casting one on  :-D

And last night I cast on for the second sock of Fly Away Home - another from the Big List.  It's been languishing with only one sock done since July 2014.  Geez.  I don't usually have Second Sock Syndrome, but for some reason on these I got the first one done in record time and then just never cast on for the second.  I'm hopeful to be done with it by the end of the month so I can greet April with something new on the needles  :-)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Sunday Wrap-Up . . .

Alrighty then.

Not a 24-hour bug at all . . .  Some weird flu that - apparently - was not covered by my flu shot last year.  And - of course - because I have asthma, it seems like it can never be easy.  I seem to always get an infection in my sinuses that entails antibiotics.  So.  Zpac on board on Thursday night.  I'm still not 100%, as evidenced by this beguiling bedhead photo.  Seriously - is this not the Best. Bedhead. Ever?????

My very own Mohawk!  :-D

And my very own red eyes and nose.  And my very own - very pale yet slightly flushed - face.  Clearly not 100% yet.  There is still icky yellowish/greenish stuff coming out of my head and I'm still pretty tired, but I no longer have a fever, so that's good.  And, I am heavily medicated and no longer contagious. So I'm going to have to go to work tomorrow if I can make it to the train.  I've missed three days already.

Not all that much to tell on this Palm Sunday, since I've been so ill for so many days.  Mostly I can tell you about telly since pretty much all I've done since Wednesday is watch it.  First:  Regular daytime telly sucks.  Thankfully there is MeTV, which airs shows from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.  I've kept that station on the whole time I've been sick.  There is something very comforting about watching shows you watched when you were a kid.  They aired the Bonanza episode with Meg Foster and her creepy eyes, where everyone gets the flu - and I was like "they're all going to die!" because I felt like I might die.  :-D  Of course, no one died (neither have I :-) ).  I really liked the garter stitch wrap that she wore off and on throughout the episode and yes, I looked on Ravelry to see if anyone had attempted to recreate it, but I guess that only happens with current shows. 

I did eventually catch up with some of the shows I'd recorded on my DVR.  Very sad to learn that Rizzoli & Isles is ending this summer.  :-(  I like that show very much and will be sorry to see it end.

Oh.  And can I just say how much I hate March Madness?  They disrupt the primetime television schedule for most of the month of March with all the basketball games.  I find this irritating.

Not much knitting was done - I was too sick.  But I did manage on Friday to finish my Fine Sand.  It's ready to be blocked - I just haven't had the energy to do so yet.  Maybe today.  And I'm on the gusset of a second sock started in February.  I spent most of March forcing myself to finish that Fine Sand.  I have two more sweaters on the needles that need to be finished, and at least two more pairs of socks.  It looks like I will be spending April continuing to finish things.

I would like to cast some April socks for YOSS, but I may need to take a rest from casting on anything else new and continue to work on these older projects to get them done.  I'm very aware of the Law of Diminishing Returns where my knitting is concerned.  I really do much better when I finish something before I start something new.

I think that our time of watching the Amaryllis is nearing an end.  Here's this week's catch up:





That third blossom will open at some point this week, I think  :-)  But I don't think the other bloom stalks are going to bloom . . .

And the fourth:

Those other four just never took off.  Disappointing, for sure, as this was supposed to be a multiple bloomer.  I'm thinking about writing to the company.

That's the news from The Third Coast today.  I wish I was going to church because it's Palm Sunday.  But I'm not going because I don't think it would be wise.  I don't talk much about my faith - it's enough to share that I have a deep and abiding one.  Here is the best Palm Sunday hymn.  I wish I was going to be singing it this morning . . .

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

24-Hour Bug . . .

I'm home sick again today - something similar to what I had about a month ago.  A 24-hour bug of some sort, I think.  After a night of fever, chills, pain, and no sleep, I decided to stay home today. 

Here is something to brighten the day:


Tuesday!!!   I turned it around so the other blossoms would get the sun and we could really see the blossom  :-)

And Today!

Not really sure what's going on with the other blossom stalks - they aren't spiking up, and now some of the strappy leaves have fallen over on them.  I guess we'll wait and see - but at least there is this beautiful one  :-)

And here is another thing to make the day bright.  Goofy song.  Been in my head for about a week now  :-)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Forward . . .

Time to spring forward - I set all the clocks ahead last night except for my clock radio - I though I had set it, but I must have punched one button wrong.  It's set now.

Yesterday was massive Stick Patrol in the yard.  I did half an hour on Friday when I got home from work and before I lost the light.  Then yesterday I started at 6:30 and worked until 9.  The former owner of my home had a great love for lava rock.  I have been picking it out of various locations for 12 years.  I got another bag full yesterday  :-D  I took a break and then did another half an hour in the back yard before one of my cousins came over for some computer assistance in his job search.  We worked on that for about three hours.  All the online applications are extremely lengthy and they take a long time to fill out.  I think we got four done in three hours.  It would have taken him four days to do it on his own, and it's easy for me so I'm really glad to help him with it.  He has some good prospects for full-time work.  He's also a hard worker and a very kind and likable guy.  I hope that he will have his choice of opportunities.  Any place that hires him will be lucky to have him.

Then we went back out to the back yard and he helped me for another two hours of Stick Patrol until I was worn out.  My cousin pulled the cement cover from the dry well, and we made sure to clean it out - and I had two bricks that we used on the rebar to get the cement cover to be nearly straight again.  When we were done, we had to sit and use screw drivers to get the mud out of the soles of our shoes  :-D  Throughout the day I had been doing this every time I needed to come back in the house:

:-D  Necessity is the Mother of Invention.  Two Bizios bags knotted around my ankles did the trick quite well!

I got us some pizza because my cousin likes it, and we drank a beer and watched old westerns on MeTV from when we were kids.  We always loved the westerns  :-)  It was a very nice afternoon and we both enjoyed it.

I started with Step 1 of the Scott's 4-Step Lawn Care Program yesterday.  Unfortunately I had the spreader set wrong initially, so I hope I haven't croaked the front lawn  :-D  However, it did rain all night, so I'm hopeful that all will be well.  It was pretty simple to do it myself.  I got all four steps upfront and a mini spreader on Friday - Ace was having a sale if you got all four of the steps at one time!  Yay!  So I will be ready for step two in about 4-6 weeks.  And now that I have the spreader figured out, I'm sure it will go more easily.

I really need to mulch the beds in the front of the house.  Really I need to mulch the beds everywhere- but the mulch I like is very expensive and it doesn't go very far. So, I'm waiting for it to be on sale.  I might pick up 10 bags now to make the front of the house look nice.  And really, that's my whole point this year.  The front of my house has not been looking very good for the past couple of years.  I'm hoping with the lawn program - and I'm going to patch and seed the lawn probably in June - that it will begin to look a little better.  It's still a little too cold to seed now, and with the Step 1 I just used, any seed would be prevented from germinating.  So - probably next year is the year my lawn might look a little better, but at least I'm getting a start on it now  :-)

I have one sleeve done on my Fine Sand, but no knitting got done yesterday.  Obviously  :-D  In fact, I had a good long soak in Epsom salts in my soaking tub after my cousin left.  My wonky knee seized up on me twice after sitting for too long with it bent, so a soak seemed in order.  Had I not done that, I'm relatively sure I would be in very bad shape today  :-D  As it is, my hammies are a little tight from all the bending required for Stick Patrol, but I'm none the worse for wear  :-) 

And now, the backyard is a pond again in the rain.

But most of the sticks are gone  :-)   And the basement is dry.  You can't really ask for much more, can you?  :-)

This morning I watched a program I had DVR'd called The Kate - it was a concert by Rickie Lee Jones.  I love her.  I've always loved her.  I saw her on Saturday Night Live when she hit in the late 1970s.  I remember she sang her hit Chuck E's in Love, but she also sang a song called Coolsville.  That was the diamond.  She is a poet on the order of Bruce Springsteen. Her first, eponymous, album has stayed in rotation for me still - all these years later.

Here's Coolsville from it:

And here's another of my very favorites of hers - Satellites:

 Here is yesterday's Amaryllis:

And much to my surprise - I didn't notice this yesterday - there are at least two more flower buds on that stalk!!  These two photos were taken from the same angle, so you can see in this one that that red bud rolled over and out toward the sun between yesterday and today.  You can clearly see two more buds there to the left.

Friday, March 11, 2016

So Close . . .

Things are getting exciting around here with the Amaryllis - as you can see!


Monday.  I marked where the other three buds are so you can see that they are not doing much of anything . . .

Tuesday - getting ready!



And Today!

I can hardly wait to see it bloom  :-)  I did take some close ups of the other buds - the large one is making me think it's going to bloom where it is at the base of the plant.  It's trying to split open even though the bloom stalk hasn't appeared.

 And here are the other two - not doing much of anything . . .

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

An Inflammatory Field Report

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I check in here about asthma and inflammation from time to time.  Most recently, about three and a half weeks ago back on Valentine's Day and the day after.

I have a sort of an update. I have been having pain in my right shoulder/upper arm since December (I didn't write about it until mid-February because I kept thinking it was going to resolve). In mid-January I saw my friend, Jenn, in Colorado (an amazing massage therapist) and she was not able to release it (which is not normal).  I had full range of motion - just this persistent pain that started in December of last year.

I saw my primary care doc for my annual physical in mid-February of this year.  He assured me that nothing was physically wrong in my shoulder - no injury - just the old (and infuriating) catchall:  Inflammation.  Same thing for my right knee and right heel (sort of like a flare of plantar fasciitis, but a different sort of pain).  Since then - even before then - I've been on the straight and narrow - no sugar, no highly processed foods, and I was icing my shoulder and my right knee.

This morning I woke up and the pain had started in my left upper arm.  I was so discouraged - really - I thought I would cry. I already can't sleep on my right side because of the pain - now I won't be able to sleep on my left side either.  Really?  REALLY???  How the F$@# am I supposed to sleep???

I seriously felt like throwing in the towel.  I mean, I'm on the highest dose of my anti-inflammatory, and I've been doing everything right - and nothing is helping this pain or alleviating it, and now it's in three of my four limbs.  I'm losing mobility and strength in one limb after another - like I'm falling apart piece by piece. I'm starting to feel like the Black Knight.*

For as positive as you all know that I generally am, this has been a difficult patch. I know a lot of people have way worse problems, but it's been depressing and I've been feeling very sad to be doing everything right and not getting anywhere. Being in constant low-grade pain is challenging to deal with.  Every day you wake up and something hurts.  Or you move a certain way and think you're going to expire from pain deep within a muscle.

And it's not like I haven't been working hard to do what I know I've needed to do in the past to alleviate inflammation.  Seriously - one entire shelf in my freezer is devoted to assorted gel ice and wraps to make it easier to ice the affected parts of my body.  But ice hasn't even been touching this arm/shoulder pain. If the pain is inflammatory pain, then ice should alleviate it - at least temporarily.  But it hasn't.  It's not even touching it.

I had a relatively easy workout at the club with my trainer this morning.  I don't even know how I made it there.  I did yoga yesterday and felt so much better until I woke up this morning.  But I forced myself to go and I could see from what my trainer was having me do, and the exceptionally light weights we were using that I had really lost a lot of fitness ground.

And then, on my way home from the club, the penny dropped:

"What if this pain isn't inflammation at all? What if it's a side-effect from my new asthma controller med????  

I don't know why I didn't think of this before.  I've had rare side effects (like bone pain - oh man that sucks) from high doses of certain asthma controller meds in the past.  My asthma controller med is the only thing that has changed for me since November - and the weird pain started in December.

I called my primary care doc as soon as I got to the office this morning and I discussed my thoughts with him.  He said that he felt that it was worth taking me off Arnuity Ellipta (my new controller med) to see.  He was concerned about my breathing if I stopped my controller med completely - which is a valid concern - and I said I would go back on my former med, Flovent, because I still have some of it at home. Having to use of my rescue inhaler a little more often is a small price to pay to not hurt anymore if my hunch is right.  He felt that it would be worth a shot and he called my asthma doc to confer.  They are in agreement that I need to stop the Arnuity Ellipta immediately and return to Flovent tonight, and I'm to check in with my asthma doctor in another 2 weeks.

Am I clutching at straws?  Maybe.  But I'm praying that this the answer.  The doc said that if I'm right, it likely won't work immediately.  Based on my current dose of Arnuity Ellipta, it will likely take about a week for it to completely make its way out of my system.  I'll be watching and checking daily.

Please hold a good thought for me  :-)

* Here's the Black Knight . . . at least I still have my sense of humor . . . ;-)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Green Thumb . . .

Here is today's look at the Amaryllis.  Of course you can see that one big blossom stalk, but I put arrows where two of the other three are so you can keep an eye on them.  There's another on the other side of where the center red arrow is. 

Michelle at Boulderneigh commented that she'd never seen a better looking Amaryllis and that I must have a green hand.  I do.  At least a green thumb  ;-)  I've always had one for indoor plants, and back before asthma when I could still garden outdoors, I did pretty well outside, too.  My mom was really the outdoor gardener, though - she won village awards for her gardens - and she passed that love along to pretty much the entire family.  One of my closest cousins manages a garden center at a big box store, and another and her husband are both Master Gardeners.

My forte, however, has always been indoor/house plants.  Certainly there are some that I've not had success with (orchids (interestingly enough!) come to mind). 

When my cousin (garden center) was over this week, she really stared at the main plant corner:

What you see here, L-R, is a sickly Mother-in-Law's Tongue (sansevieria), a Jade Plant (crassula ovata), a Boston Fern (nephrolepis exaltata), a very dry Peace Lily (spathyphyllum), the Amaryllis, a ragged Wandering Jew (zebrina pendula), and a Spider Plant (clorophytum comosum).

My cousin was specifically looking at the Boston Fern.  Every year for my birthday she gets me a Boston Fern from where she works.  She said, "Is that the fern I got you for your birthday last year?"  It is.  She was stunned.  I mean, she knows I have a green thumb, but Boston Ferns have a reputation as being difficult to grow - and in this case, I sort of agree - they can be very finicky.  I've always had the touch with them.  Truthfully, most summers, I move the fern outside and let it grow on the deck until the cold weather croaks it.  But I didn't last summer, so, of course, it's been happy as a clam in the sunroom.  She really couldn't believe that it still looks so great. 

The Mother-in-Law's Tongue was my mom's - it's used to be much larger, but it's not been happy here.  At the moment, I think the yellow/pale green color is because it hasn't been repotted in probably four years and it's not getting enough nitrogen - whatever fertilizer was in the MiracleGro mix is long depleted. 

The Jade Plant is doing remarkably well.  :-D

The Peace Lily - it tells you when it needs a drink, and other than needing a drink this morning (which it got) this one is also is in need of grooming and repotting.  It has not bloomed for some time.  This plant was from my former African violet club members - they sent it for my mother's wake.  That was 12 years ago and it's still hanging in.

The Wandering Jew - ragged indeed!  This one will get a hair cut - cut off and all the tips restarted.  It will be growing like mad in no time at all.  I usually try to get away with two years for a full basket before I completely restart, but this one has gone at least three . . .

The Spider Plant - it's time to get it out of that self-watering pot.  This plant is what's left of my mom's spider plant.  It's a bit more delicate than other spider plants I've seen.

The Peace Lily and the Mother-in-Law's tongue probably would both benefit from a location with less light, but that's the Northeast corner - one of the lowest light areas in the sunroom. 

As with the violets, you can see that I'm woefully behind in taking good care of the plants.  Since my other cousin didn't call for me to come and drive him to his eye appointment this morning, my day is now free until he comes over late this afternoon for some help with a job search he's undertaking.

I've got a couple of errands to run - maybe today is finally the day to get this stuff taken care of.  I'll need to make a stop at the big box store to pick up some cactus soil - it works well for succulents like the Jade, the Mother-in-Law's Tongue, and the Christmas Cacti that live on the other side of the sunroom. 

We'll see how it goes - wish me luck  :-)

Friday, March 4, 2016

A Field Report . . .

The slow death of my desktop computer is really the no-fun plan.  I've started the shopping process for a new computer - I'm trying to hold off until I get whatever tax return I might get this year.  I do have a laptop - it's not portable anymore because the battery croaked - but as long as it remains plugged in, it works just fine.  All important items have been shifted out from my desktop on to the external hard drive, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had already done a LOT of photo cleanup.  Yay Me!!  I guess I forgot that I had gotten a serious start on it  :-)

So, if the desktop won't cooperate, I can always use my laptop.  Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to help one of my cousins do some job searching online, and nearly everything has to be applied for online now, too.  I'm very grateful that I have not had to search for employment for more than a decade.

I should probably knock on wood now that I said that  ;-)

I didn't make my Lenten food goal - but I'm still succeeding with my other one.  I'm not on Facebook, so I'm feeling pretty happy about that  :-)  Truth be told, I don't really miss it all that much.  And I have been getting more knitting done.  As mentioned earlier this week, I'm heading toward an organizational phase.  I actually kinda like those  :-)  I've started the filing in my office and am pulling my tax paperwork together to get that appointment set up.

It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow so I'm going to see about getting an outdoor walk in in the morning, as well as doing stick patrol in my yard.  Seriously, I have needed to police the sticks in my yard for at least three years.  The lawn guys do not pick up any sticks at all - they just ride right over them.  It's crazy  :-D  The small ones I can bag up (they start taking the lawn waste bags in April), and the big ones I can either tie up in a bundle for them to take, or toss  them into the ravine behind my yard.  I think I should at least be able to get the front yard cleaned up before my cousin comes over in the afternoon.

I have been getting some knitting done, which is nice.  I am very focused again on getting all the WIPs on The Big List finished.  Even though I was closer to finishing The Big Easy Gansey (#8 on The Big List), I decided to pick up my Fine Sand (#9). It's quite possible this sweater will be done and blocking by the end of the weekend.  I had a minor hold up when I realized that in ALL OF THESE ADDI TURBO CIRCULAR NEEDLES . . .

 . . .that I did not have anything longer than 24" in a US 3.  I managed to squeak out the garter stitch trim along the bottom with a 24", but there's no way I would ever get the front trim done and on a needle that short.  I actually wanted a 40" but could only get a 32".  I think that should be long enough, though.  It came yesterday - you can see in this photo that one stitch is hanging out there on a US 4, waiting me for me to switch to the US 3 and start picking up the front trim.  Then I just have to do the sleeves - which are 3/4, which is a good thing, because that is the final ball of yarn . . .

In any case - I've made the decision that I'm not casting on ANYTHING new until I finish up all the WIPs that have been languishing.  I'm not going to cast on any socks for March in the YOSS Group.  I'm just going to focus on getting these things finished.

What things?

Well, the three sweaters and two pairs of socks on the Big List; my current YOSS socks; and my Apothecary Cuffs, which were a YOSS project from October . . . So - seven things.  I don't know that I can get them all done in March, but I'm going to give it the Old College Try.

These unfinished things have begun to weigh very heavily upon me again.  They are holding energy that I need back in my life - energy I need for other things.

I've developed the unfortunate habit of not finishing what I start.

I don't like this about myself.

And not only do I not like it about myself, I don't like having to figure out where I was months ago on any given pattern.  I absolutely need to finished these projects so they can release the energy they are holding.  So,. I'm choosing to create a new habit of finishing what I start.

Here I go, (with an 80's bluesy groove from Van Halen to lead the way . . .  ;-)  )

An Amaryllis Update - FINALLY!

So - I pulled all the important stuff off of my computer on to the external hard drive.  Good thing, too, since this morning I had the first Blue Screen of Death . . . I'm thinking this computer is really not long for this world.

And, finally, I've gotten it to stay on long enough to do this - so here's an Amaryllis Update!

Thursday, Feb25

Friday, Feb 26

Saturday, Feb 27

Sunday, Feb 28

Monday, Feb 29

Tuesday, Mar 1

Wednesday, Mar 2



It's really gone to town in the past week and a half!  The other three buds are still there - and the one that you can just see on the lower left, above, looks like it's going to be the next one to sprout up.  It's substantially larger than the current bud, which makes me wonder if it's going to be a double blossom.  I guess we'll wait and see!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ten on Tuesday . . . a Day Late

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is:  10 Things I would Do with an Extra Hour in the Day.
  1. Sleep more
  2. Read more
  3. Get some bead embroidery going again
  4. Cook more
  5. Knit more
  6. Make music again . . .
  7. Walk more
  8. Re-pot the violets (OMG they are only just holding on . . .)
  9. Laugh more
  10. Did I mention sleep more???  ;-)
A fine list!

Yeah, so I had that all ready to go for yesterday, but I've been having bizarre computer problems with my desktop computer at home.  It's one of the reasons I haven't been posting as regularly as usual.

I suppose I should consider myself lucky - my computer is at least seven, and probably it's nine years old.  I can't actually remember when I got it.  That's how old it is  :-D  I do have an external hard drive, and tonight's mission is to start moving files on to that drive.  It has more than a terrabyte of storage, so I think my entire hard drive should fit on it with no problem.

I've been meaning to clean up all the photos on my hard drive.  They take up the most space (although the hard drive is not full).  I bought the external drive to store my podcast episodes - so they are all there and off my desktop.  It looks like tonight will be the beginning of sorting things out and shifting things over.

We're due an update on the Amaryllis - and once I can get the computer to stay functional I will post one.

I'm headed into a major organizing phase . . .  :-)