Friday, March 4, 2016

A Field Report . . .

The slow death of my desktop computer is really the no-fun plan.  I've started the shopping process for a new computer - I'm trying to hold off until I get whatever tax return I might get this year.  I do have a laptop - it's not portable anymore because the battery croaked - but as long as it remains plugged in, it works just fine.  All important items have been shifted out from my desktop on to the external hard drive, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had already done a LOT of photo cleanup.  Yay Me!!  I guess I forgot that I had gotten a serious start on it  :-)

So, if the desktop won't cooperate, I can always use my laptop.  Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to help one of my cousins do some job searching online, and nearly everything has to be applied for online now, too.  I'm very grateful that I have not had to search for employment for more than a decade.

I should probably knock on wood now that I said that  ;-)

I didn't make my Lenten food goal - but I'm still succeeding with my other one.  I'm not on Facebook, so I'm feeling pretty happy about that  :-)  Truth be told, I don't really miss it all that much.  And I have been getting more knitting done.  As mentioned earlier this week, I'm heading toward an organizational phase.  I actually kinda like those  :-)  I've started the filing in my office and am pulling my tax paperwork together to get that appointment set up.

It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow so I'm going to see about getting an outdoor walk in in the morning, as well as doing stick patrol in my yard.  Seriously, I have needed to police the sticks in my yard for at least three years.  The lawn guys do not pick up any sticks at all - they just ride right over them.  It's crazy  :-D  The small ones I can bag up (they start taking the lawn waste bags in April), and the big ones I can either tie up in a bundle for them to take, or toss  them into the ravine behind my yard.  I think I should at least be able to get the front yard cleaned up before my cousin comes over in the afternoon.

I have been getting some knitting done, which is nice.  I am very focused again on getting all the WIPs on The Big List finished.  Even though I was closer to finishing The Big Easy Gansey (#8 on The Big List), I decided to pick up my Fine Sand (#9). It's quite possible this sweater will be done and blocking by the end of the weekend.  I had a minor hold up when I realized that in ALL OF THESE ADDI TURBO CIRCULAR NEEDLES . . .

 . . .that I did not have anything longer than 24" in a US 3.  I managed to squeak out the garter stitch trim along the bottom with a 24", but there's no way I would ever get the front trim done and on a needle that short.  I actually wanted a 40" but could only get a 32".  I think that should be long enough, though.  It came yesterday - you can see in this photo that one stitch is hanging out there on a US 4, waiting me for me to switch to the US 3 and start picking up the front trim.  Then I just have to do the sleeves - which are 3/4, which is a good thing, because that is the final ball of yarn . . .

In any case - I've made the decision that I'm not casting on ANYTHING new until I finish up all the WIPs that have been languishing.  I'm not going to cast on any socks for March in the YOSS Group.  I'm just going to focus on getting these things finished.

What things?

Well, the three sweaters and two pairs of socks on the Big List; my current YOSS socks; and my Apothecary Cuffs, which were a YOSS project from October . . . So - seven things.  I don't know that I can get them all done in March, but I'm going to give it the Old College Try.

These unfinished things have begun to weigh very heavily upon me again.  They are holding energy that I need back in my life - energy I need for other things.

I've developed the unfortunate habit of not finishing what I start.

I don't like this about myself.

And not only do I not like it about myself, I don't like having to figure out where I was months ago on any given pattern.  I absolutely need to finished these projects so they can release the energy they are holding.  So,. I'm choosing to create a new habit of finishing what I start.

Here I go, (with an 80's bluesy groove from Van Halen to lead the way . . .  ;-)  )

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