Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve. 

Somehow this year has flown by me.  I feel like I nodded off in the chair watching telly - you know, when you catch the first 10 minutes of a show, and then wake up for the last five, having missed all the important stuff in the middle.

I feel like I have not accomplished much at all this year.  I was successful in reading the number of books I wanted to read, and I did get the sofa in my office cleared off.  For about a month . . .  you don't want to see it again now . . .   I did lose about 10 pounds this year - although after this past week I'm likely up a bit - apparently you're supposed to eat starchy foods after you've had a stomach/intestinal virus - at least that's what the 24/7 nurse hotline told me.  I haven't been as sick as I was a week ago for more than 20 years.  Yikes!  So, bread, which I've been avoiding, coupled with holiday parties has not been ideal  :-)  10 pounds is not very much, but you know, I just keep moving forward.

On the yarn front - it could have been worse.  A lot worse.  I'll have the final figures after the 31st, but I think I fell short of my goal of decreasing the stash by 100 miles.

I did not finish my St. Brigid sweater.

I've nominally learned to weave, but it's only yesterday that I finished the second scarf that was on the loom back in January . . .

I did not knit 12 pairs of socks.

In the finish what I start area, well, I'm a little better at that I think, but not much  :-D

I have done pretty well, however, in the putting myself first area  :-)  Yay Me!

This next week is always a time for introspection for me.  We're in Sammhain (pronounced Sow-en:  sow like a pig) in the Celtic year.  This is traditionally a time of regrouping and readying for Imbolc to arrive in February.  I'll be thinking alot about 2013.  I'll let you know what I figure out  :-)


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Closure . . .

Four months ago, an amazing, special needs dog named Jupiter touched my life.  I fell for him.  I fell hard.  It was my hope to foster and then adopt him - to be his forever home.  I was very public about this, and was heartbroken when I realized very quickly that what was best for Jupiter would be for him to be somewhere where he did not have to be alone all day - somewhere where there would be people and hopefully another dog to play with.

Jupiter was adopted by a family with a child and another giant breed dog.  The perfect situation for him!  Not a day has gone by that I don't think about him.  For months I wanted to email the foster coordinator and ask how Jupiter was doing, but I just wasn't able to do so until last week.  I finally sent a short email and asked how he was doing with his new family and said that I hoped he had settled in and was doing well.  The coordinator wrote back and said that yes, all was well in Jupiter's world.  :-) 

That Jupiter is loved and is doing well is exactly right and how it should be.  Truthfully, I don't think anyone could love him as much as I did, but you know, I have a biased opinion  :-)

Anyway, I took these photos during the days he was with me.  I haven't been able to share them until now - it was just too painful for me.  But something amazing happened today that seemed to be what I needed to be truly at peace with the decision I made back in August.  I'll tell you in a minute - first, I want to share these photos of my beautiful boy.

For the short time I was his foster mom, I adored him. 

Jupiter 01

I wish this was not out of focus  :-)  The pink on his nose was from a biopsy he had done (it wasn't anything).

Jupiter 03

Crashed out on my sunroom floor - each of those tiles is 12" x 12" - that gives you an idea of his size  :-)

Jupiter 02

Hanging out on his special orthopedic bed I got him, in my kitchen.  Sitting was tough for him because he has hip dysplasia and arthritis - so he was usually standing or lounging  :-)

Jupiter 04

On his last day with me, getting a belly rub from my cousin, ME, in the sunroom.

Jupiter 05

Looking quite ferocious with his lion.

Jupiter 06

Distracted by something out on the deck.

Jupiter 07

And crashed out again  :-)

Jupiter 08

His crate.  It was big.  Really big.

I share this crate photo even though it's out of focus, because this crate is what gave me closure today.  Crazy, huh?  When I returned Jupiter to the foster coordinator, I donated everything I had purchased for him. Since I got that boy everything he could ever want or need it was alot of stuff :-)  I was well on my way to spoiling him rotten, let me tell you  :-)  I donated it all to the shelter.  Everything - bowls, toys, collars, grooming brushes, obedience classes, breed books, his special bed, special food, treats, and his crate. 

Fast forward to today . . .

You may or may not have heard of a dog-fighting ring in the Chicagoland area that was broken up last week.  Seven dogs went to the South Suburban Humane Society where they are being cared for now as they recover.  One of them, Lorenzo, lost an eye and had to have a special surgery.

Today I received this email:

Subject:  Your Love for Jupiter is now helping Lorenzo

"I just wanted to let you know that the crate you got for Jupiter is being put to good use, Lorenzo the dog from the Dolton case with the bad eye is using it to give him a quiet place to recover and enough room to move around in and be comfortable.
Just thought you might want to know that your donations keep helping those in need.
Have a Merry Christmas."
It was all I could do not to cry at the office.  Hell, it's all I can do not to cry now. 
Jupiter_Day 1_LR.081112 
Oh Jupiter, my beautiful, sweet boy - had I never met you, my life would not be as rich. I was so heartbroken and sad to let you go, and now, knowing that I made the right decision for you, there is so much joy when I think of you. You are happy and loved and have a family and a canine brother to play with.

It is a true Christmas gift for my spirit to know that because Jupiter was in my life for a short time that Lorenzo now has a safe, comfortable, quiet place to rest and heal from his surgery. I hope he heals quickly and well. I hope the same for all the Dolton dogs.

Everything happens for a reason.  Everything.

(Should you wish to help Lorenzo and the other dogs from the Dolton dog fighting case, the link above goes directly to the shelter's main page -  It doesn't matter if you're not local, you can donate online, every dollar helps.)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

OMG This is Crazy


Yes, it really looks like this.   I have to fix this before I blog.

Never a dull moment around this joint  :-D