Sunday, February 22, 2015

WW Week 16

Alrighty then.  I did, eventually, look at my number last week and I was up 4.2 pounds.  Not surprising as I did some emotional eating (old habits die hard . . . ).  This week didn't start off too well either.  I ate more than I should (more emotional eating) and I didn't track well.  Not off to a good start at all.

I course corrected on Wednesday. 

As mentioned elsewhere, although I am not Catholic, I am of a faith that observes the season of Lent.  I had a few ideas about what I wanted to give up, but, in the end, I narrowed it down to one this year.  What you give up is supposed to be challenging.  Not impossible, but challenging.  I always say that it builds character  :-)

What did I give up?  My Weekly Points.


WPs are optional.  You don't have to eat them.  I usually do eat them - usually all of them - sometimes more than all of them.  This will definitely be challenging for me.  I thought it through, though, and decided that giving up my WPs encompassed everything I am working toward. 

Here's the deal.  Eat my 31 daily points.  No weekly points.  If I earn Activity Points, I can eat those.  That's it.

I will get smaller.  I will eat more vegetables because if I don't, I'm going to be a hungry beotch within about four days.  I will have to cook more, so I will get more variety.  I will pretty much have to bring my lunch so I will save money.  I will get more exercise because it will mean I can eat a little more.  It's a win all the way around.

And then, in my meeting yesterday morning, a Lifetime Member described her journey by saying she was on a mission.  That really resonated with me. 

I'm on a mission. 

And that, of course, gave me a Blues Brothers moment:

So with the Peter Gunn theme rolling around in my head, I'm on a mission.  :-)  I set my tracker to use my APs first.  If I go over a little on my Daily Points, I'll know I have to get some additional exercise to make up for it.

I had a significant gain last week.  This week, I had an even more significant loss.  This is something that my body does - big leaps up and down.  Even though I'm used to it, it's still a little freaky when it happens  :-)

Here's the check in:

Weight: - 6.6
 Daily Points:  31
Weekly Points:  49 (ate ?)
Activity Points:  0 (ate 0)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

It's Neverending . . .

I posted construction photos on February 3rd.  Phase 1 is now pretty much complete, and Phase 2 starts tomorrow.  Here are some photos from the process:

 Another view of the basement pretty torn up.

 They foamed where the walls meet the foundation.

 The old, rusted out cast iron drainage pipe - this was replaced with PVC.

 This is the channel where the new PVC went - yes, that's standing water UNDER my foundation.  I won't have that any more  :-)

 My NEW DOOR!!!!!  :::::Happy Dance:::::::

 New, vented glass block windows replaced the original single pane windows throughout the basement.

 Except for one emergency window - that's code here.

 New pit with computer battery backup.

 And we moved upstairs to the sunroom - an access panel made to get in and foam that half wall to stop condensation issues.

 Another "settling crack" fixed - now that the foundation is stable again with no excess water pressure pushing on it, the cracking should stop.

 Primed and ready for paint (OMG - I think Paint is Phase 746 . . . ;-) )

 All the windows in the old part of the house were foam insulated.

Here's the concrete curing in the basement.  Everything down there from Phase 1 is now complete.

Last, but certainly not least, I went from about 4" of attic insulation to about 18", which yields the required R49 rating up there.  And yes, that's a giant television antenna.  Inside the attic.  It's huge.  Kinda wish I would have known it was up there  :-D

As mentioned, Phase 2 starts tomorrow - that's more work in the basement.  Sealing the floor and the walls, some work on the fireplace down there, and also lighting upstairs.  I went to Menards.

It was an expensive trip . . .  LED light bulbs are spendy - but apparently they last a million years.  Cross your fingers.

WW Week 15

Challenging week here.  Again.  I think that the construction has me more discombobulated than I realized.  I'll post a construction update shortly.  I did weigh yesterday, but I haven't looked at it and am just moving forward.  It's logged and I can easily check it whenever I decide it.  But for now, it is what it is and I'm moving forward.

The weather is awful again - really, really cold, which makes me just want to hibernate in the house as much as I can, and since the house is completely torn apart, this is not a comforting as it usually is.  Oh well, this, too, shall pass  :-)

I've been pondering Lent, which starts on Wednesday.  Presbyterians observe the season of Lent, and I always give something up or take something on.  I usually try two things -  I think this gives me twice as much chance of success.  This doesn't always work, but I like to think it's helpful.  Please, don't disabuse me of my attitude - it's working for me and I'm sticking to it  ;-D

Here's the check in:

Weight:  ?
Daily Points:  31
Weekly Points:  49 (ate ?)
Activity Points:  6 (ate 6)

Monday, February 9, 2015

WW Week 14

It's not like I was doing all that much yesterday - but I forgot to post my update here.

One of my goals last week was to get my steps back up to at least 10,000 at least five of the seven days.  I made it.  Yay Me!!  I also shoveled a LOT of snow last week.  Heavy, wet snow that the snowblower mostly couldn't handle - that gave me way more APs than a normal week would garner me.  So, I got a lot more exercise than normal, and I have to say that I feel a LOT better for it.  So this week I am going for the same 10,000/5 day goal, and will see what else I can do to up my exercise.  I'm thinking about the Original Buns of Steel, which, if you remember it from the 80s, is now available on DVD.  One of my friends, Knitterary, has been doing it (I turned her on to it) and I hadn't thought about it in some time . . . it's on my list for this week.  Cross your fingers   :-D

After playing around with little ups/downs the past few weeks, I had a good loss this week, and I think it's because I was able to get my exercise up.  There was a very nice dinner out, so that bumped me over on my WPs.  It was absolutely worth it.  :-)

Oh, and I was able to plank this morning for 60 seconds (2 times - knee/shoulder planks) which is great for me.  Just thought I'd share that  :-D

Here's the check in:

Weight:  -2.8
Daily Points:  31
Weekly Points:  49 (ate 63)
Activity Points:  20 (ate 20)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Dust . . .

And OMG the dust is unbelievable . . .

Here's how things looked when I got home the first day of construction:

I know.  Like a bomb went off.  Well, all the jackhammering is done, but there's not much you can do about concrete dust . . .

My contractor - James P Construction - brought a cleaning lady with him today and she did a really great job.  The office is still not great, but that's because I have crap everywhere and she was afraid she'd mess something up.

Nearly all the concrete is out now, and four tons (yes, really) of gravel have gone in.  Drain tiles - which are not actually tiles, but rather big roundy tubes - have socks.  (Yes, really.)  My friend, Tammy The Proverbial Knitter asked if they were cabled socks.  They are not.  Here's how things look today:

On these two photos you can see that the drain tile is in and it's graveled over.

 On this one, you can see how it actually works, and you can see the "sock" that goes around it.  That's the old sump pit - they are putting in a new, bigger, fiberglass pit tomorrow.

And here you can see that the center channel is still just hanging out with concrete rubble still in it, but that will probably begin to change tomorrow.

Stay tuned!