Monday, November 29, 2010


I feel human today!! Yay! Amazing how a virus can wreak such havoc on a body, isn't it? But I'm feeling almost normal, and actually have a little bit of energy. A welcome change.

So - a couple of you agree with me that the wood chucks are hilarious - I think it's more the farmer guy on the tractor that gets me every time "you dang wood chucks! Quit chucking my wood!" :-D

I was also quite enamored of this one back in the day:

But my all time favorite is this e-trade one - it says it's from 2010 Super Bowl, but it's not:

Laughter is good for the soul, so anything that makes me laugh out loud is a good thing in my book :-)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel . . .

OK. Today I feel marginally better. The good news is that the problem with my Photoshop software was in my computer - just needed to be rebooted again (I have a tendency to leave it running without rebooting for too long a time). I reinstalled the software and am back in business. Yay! I took a photo to prove it!

Here's my little tree this year, and two of my holiday geese. Actually, this was my mom's little tree. She wrangled it away from some florist many years ago - she adored it and they said it was part of their display . . . of course, it came home with her ;-) It's really awesome - I just take it out of the box, fluff it up, plug it in and there it is. I'm not decorating hugely this year. Simple seems to be better for me right now - I'm sure because of this stupid, stupid cold. Still, I have a few things out and they are enough :-)

I managed to get to Walgreens yesterday - Mucinex is my new best friend. The cold has shifted mostly to my chest. As the Brits say, I have a chesty cough now, and the Mucinex is helping to break that up - which is good. I'd like to avoid an asthma issue if possible, and I'd also like to avoid an antibiotic. I think my body is strong enough to fight this on its own :-)

I'm so NOT a good patient.

I have been spending some time pouring over the list of pattern choices for Year of Stash Socks since I pick for January. If you have thought about joining us, please do!! Toddle on over to the YOSS blog and join the fun!! It's time to actually KNIT some of that yarn we've been stockpiling. :-)

I've also been watching an inordinant amount of telly.

Is it just me, or is this GEICO wood chuck commercial as absolutely hilarious as I think it is? :-D

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What a Whiner . . .

Oh. My. God. How can one nose - one cute little perfect nose - create enough snot to go through half a box - and I mean the big box, not the little square boxes - of Puffs with Lotion in less than 18 hours????

Time to go lay on the couch and moan for awhile.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I am so Miserable . . .

I woke up yesterday sick. So I didn't get to go to my cousin's for dinner. And I can't have turkey anymore anyway, because a week ago Wednesday I had a reaction to it.

Some of you might recall that I had to quit eating chicken for about six months a year or so ago because whenever I ate it, my face started to tingle/get numb. After the six months, I ate it again, but not very often. Well, they were having a sale at the Jewel a couple of weeks ago, and so I bought some boneless, skinless chicken breasts and proceeded to marinate them in my FAVORITE marinade, and then pan broiled them. OMG they were so good. But there were 5 big ones in the package, so I cut them up and knew that I would be eating chicken a couple of times a day for awhile. . .

So, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday . . . and my face started to tingle. On Wednesday, no chicken, but I ended up having a turkey sandwich from Hannah's Bretzel for lunch that day, and by 4 p.m., my airway was restricted. I watched it carefully for the next hour and was thinking "do I go to the ER or do I get on the train and go home?" When it seemed stable after an hour, I took the chance and got on the train to come home.

It's not an allergy in the technical sense of the word, I guess, although it could turn in to one at any time - the doctor says it's an intolerance, and since the throat closing was far more scary than my face tingling, he also said it could have been a warning, and that next time I might not be so lucky. All I know, is that I'm not eating fowl again. Bummer. I was so looking forward to going to Chik-fil-A since it finally opened in Orland. I am majorly bummed and hope that maybe it was the turkey and not the chicken. But for now - no matter what - I'm steering clear.

Then, my PhotoShop software just quick working. I deinstalled it and tried to reinstall it. Zip. So - no photos until I figure out what new software I should look into.

I'm not eating fowl, I can't work with any photos, and I have a stupid cold. Who wakes up on Thanksgiving with a COLD?! All day - sneezing, gloppy throat, red eyes - everything - what a mess. I took an Allegra (allergy med) and that helped, and I've had a stock pot simmering on the stove to get more moisture into the air. I slept covered with Vicks and with the vaporizer on (so glamorous . . . ) and although I felt a little better this morning, I had to go to the Jewel because I needed some Puffs with Lotion tissues, and my favorite soup is was chicken noodle and yeah, not so much any more, and that's all I had in the house. So - Beef Vegetable is going to be my new favorite.

But in the mean time, I made myself some Kraft dinner (OMG it's so horrible for you - why on earth does it taste SO GOOD????) for lunch and I'm about to curl up on the sofa with some apple juice and a big glass of water. My gratitude journal is going to be interesting tonight. At least I'm not barfing - and that, my friends, is huge. That is something to be majorly thankful for ;-)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a distinctly American holiday, yet it's universal in its premise: Give thanks for all that you have. It's something that I do a lot - give thanks - and I wonder if it's easier the longer I live. I think it is because the older we get, the more life experiences we have. And life experiences - well they can be of the happy variety, or not. And when they are not, we begin to see that for which we can be truly thankful.

I am thankful for every day that I wake up . . .
I am thankful for the roof over my head and the food on my table . . .
I am thankful that I have a job . . .
I am thankful that I have health insurance . . .
I am thankful that I am an American citizen . . .
I am thankful for the wonderful friends I have . . .
I am thankful for my wacky family . . .
I am thankful that I can read . . .
I am thankful that I can read music . . .

You see, the list is long, and once you get started, you will likely find that you could go on for quite some time. Awhile ago it was popular to write a gratitude journal - where you would write down five things every day for which you were grateful. There is merit in this. Great merit. For the more we cultivate a habit of gratefulness, the more we will have to be grateful for. Yes, really.

It doesn't take much - just a notebook or journal and your writing utensil of choice. I did this once, back in the day - and it's time for me to do it again. What do you say? Will you take up your pen and begin to really know your life? No need to answer out loud unless you feel like it - no one is keeping tabs on you, except you :-)

Remember, we can choose. Every day we have the choice to be happy - the choice to be thankful for what we have. Every day, we can choose joy, even in the midst of sorrow, even if only for a moment. Even in the worst pain or grief there is something in our days to be thankful about. On the hard days, it can be tough to find five things, but they are there. I know this from personal experience. And it's pretty amazing to write this stuff down - to become cognizant of it, and then watch your life change before your eyes as you embrace this simple tool.

Happy Thanksgiving :-)

p.s. I'm also thankful that I know how to knit, and I am thankful that I have a pretty nice stash of yarn. AND, I am thankful for my friends, Tammy and Christa and the idea we have been cooking up - head on over to Year of Stash Socks - 2011 and see what I have been teasing about for the last month. I hope you'll want to play, too :-)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Made it to Tuesday . . .

Too much going on with various friends and family members in hospitals and ill health for me to keep not reading my email. I made it until Tuesday when both my Iona sister, Tori, and I knew that we needed to be checking things - so we went to 5 minutes, twice a day for email and any news . . . .

That lasted for me until this morning because I discovered that I missed some pretty important stuff. So - I'm reading, but not particularly for pleasure. Just emails that are necessary for various obligations. No books, no magazines, no patterns (knitting a lot of prayer shawl/lap robes and plain socks this week) until Saturday.

Hang in there with me.

It's an awesome exercise, and I'm glad I made it as far as I did.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reading Deprivation . . .

So - this week in The Artist's Way is the week of reading deprivation. That means that I won't be reading anything for pleasure. This includes blogs, Ravelry, my email, books, the newspaper, etc. This is always the hardest week . . . but this book is so awesome, and the tools Julia Cameron give you to work with are so functional, that I trust her.

So - just letting anyone who might want to know, know. If you need to catch up with me, you're going to need to see me in person or ring me :-) Otherwise, see . . . um, read you next week ;-)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Indian Summer . . .

The blog posts have been few and far between here lately - sorry about that. I have been enjoying this last hurrah of summer.

When I was a little girl, the Chicago Tribune always printed a piece called "Injun Summer," written in 1907 by John McCutcheon. Apparently it's not PC any longer, but boy, it sure holds a lot of childhood memories for me. Times, however, change. No one burns their leaves anymore (causes cancer and air pollution), and our native people are no longer called Indians, but Native Americans. Still, I remember waiting for this when I was a kid - I think it was the drawings far more than the text that captured me. I have linked to it, above, in case you would like to read it. It was a mainstay in the Trib from 1912 until 1992, when they felt that the text had "outlived its day."

An on a completely other topic - are you still wondering about my little tease a couple of weeks ago? Well, here's another clue - my friend, Tammy the Darthknitter and I and our friend, Christa the Blogless have come up with something fun and we've been working away on the prep . . . a way to blast the stash using all different weights of yarn . . . and all will be revealed on Thanksgiving. So, yes, I know, it's mean to tease - but I'm not spilling the beans just yet ;-)

My friend, Karen, at The Knitting Patch gave my blog an award!

Apparently, now I'm required to tell you 10 little known facts about myself . . . Hmmmm. Well, first of all, let me say thanks, Karen! And I'm sorry it took me so long to get this going. I think I did one of these lists once before for something . . . so there might be some repeats, but that's OK.

1. I am a first-generation American.
2. I used to know how to say "Where is the bathroom" in about 10 different languages. (Now, I'm down to three ;-D)
3. I have met a greater than average number of famous people.
4. The 33rd Army Band once played Happy Birthday to me, personally! (it was thrilling!)
5. I sport ink.
6. I have moved approximately 30 times in my life.
7. I was in a Jeff-nominated show. (The Jeff's are Chicago's version of the Tony Awards.)
8. I love origami and have a number of books and special origami paper to make cranes with :-)
9. I really am a list-maker :-D It helps me get centered when the world is whirling all around me.
10. I am a really great kisser ;-)

Karen's right - this was harder than you might think - and so, I'm breaking the tradition, by not naming 10 more bloggers - but if you are reading this, know that you are beautiful, whether or not you are a blogger. You can claim this award for yourself and I encourage you to do so! You are beautiful just as you are. I'm not joking. So many never hear those words, or they don't hear them often enough. So, my friends and readers - I say it again: You are beautiful exactly as you are - right now - in this moment - with bedhead hair or a body maybe a little larger than you think you might prefer - none of that makes any difference: you are beautiful. Take back your power and own your beauty :-)

Take back your power . . .

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ready for Winter . . .

There has been knitting going on here . . . but some of it is for the Advent Swap that I'm participating in on Ravelry . . . I'm not sure my partners (I have two of them!) are reading my blog, but just in case . . . I'll wait to post until after Christmas on a few things.

In the meantime, here is a hat and scarf set that I made - for myself. :-) This is Colinette One Zero yarn that I bought last year on the Isle of Iona. It's a prettier shade of green than this photo would have you believe. And I know that that hat looks gigantic . . . but, I have a gigantic head. almost 23" in diameter, and 16" from ear-overthehead-to-ear. I have a really lot of brains ;-)

The hat is a simple ridged one that I modified to fit me, and then modified to have a flat top instead of one pulled in. The scarf is Professor's Scarf. I'm looking forward to wearing them both - and the way it's going, I won't have long to wait. Temps here in the evenings are hovering around freezing now, although they are rising up into the 50's during the days.

It's November . . . October has gone. And I know I do this every year, but I love this song . . .

Tuesday, November 2, 2010