Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Blast from the Past . . .

One of my cousins has gotten into in a big way.  My mom also was very interested in tracing her roots in Northern Ireland and she amassed a bit of information, and I had hired a genealogist in Northern Ireland before I went there a few years ago, and they unearthed some things. I never did anything with it.

During the mass cleanup of the basement back in January BC (that's Before Construction  ;-)), I found a couple of my mom's small, purse size notebooks where she had written some notes on the family research she had done when she visited Belfast. I brought them upstairs and put them with the rest of the info. It's all been sitting in an Anna Griffin file/fabric bag ever since.  I was supposed to mail it all to my cousin back in January BC . . . yeah. However, as has been my usual of late, I never managed to get that to happen, so her being in town was fortuitous.  I took everything over to her at her sister's on Friday night.

In one of the small notebooks, I found a coffee-stained page where my mom had written her Visa account number, her William A. Lewis ("Where the Models Buy Their Clothes") account number, and her Marshall Field's account number. Neither of the stores exists any longer. She had also written a little Imperial/Metric conversion for pounds/kilograms and miles/kilometers, and at the bottom of the page, she had listed the following four sewing patterns.

Butterick #3528 B.M.
Vogue 1519 (2)
McCall's 2398 (1)
Simplicity 7261 (1)

Sewing patterns. This intrigued me because my mom was never much of a seamstress - I was.  Although I don't sew much anymore, for many years I made all my own clothes. Since my cousin didn't need the info on that page for her research, I tore it out and brought it home.

I'm still banished to my office this morning while the painter is making the sunroom beautiful, so it seemed like a good time to see why it was so important for Mom to remember four patterns. As I found them online, all was revealed . . .

Butterick #3528 B.M.

October 4, 1986.  Yes, I made them wear those dresses in blue moire - massive sleeves and all (but no shoulder bows :-) ). It was the 80's, and you couldn't get much more 80s than this dress. They have both forgiven me, but hey, they looked gorgeous, as you can see.  So - first pattern decoded:  Bride's Maids dresses from my first wedding.

Vogue 1519 (2)

This was in the running for me on the big day - the B look - tea length without the train, hence Mom's (2) after the pattern number.

McCall's 2398 (1)

Clearly we have a theme going now.  Another dress in the running.  Mom noted (1), which was the first look with the jacket.

Simplicity 7261 (1)

This last pattern, though, was initially a bit of a mystery.  Nothing to do with a wedding. Was she thinking of it for her Mother of the Bride dress???? (OMG I hope not  :-D ) Did she want a new coat?  That seemed more reasonable, but if that was it, why this one?  Totally NOT her style at all.  A little more sleuthing, however, turned this up:

Ah - this makes more sense.  The third pattern that had been in the running for my wedding gown.  :-)

I was living in Denver back then, and she'd written them all down so she could go to the store in Illinois and see them.

Which did I choose?  The McCall's one was the winner. A friend from the theatre, Micheal Gold, (he also stood up in the wedding) made it for me.

I immediately recognized the pattern when I saw it - but interestingly enough, I had no recollection of the two that didn't make the cut.  Clearly the McCall's Laura Ashley look was far and away my first choice.

My marriage didn't last even five years, but last I checked, my maid of honor still has my Laura Ashley wedding dress hanging in her closet because she loved it so much.  :-)

Funny how the past finds us now and again, isn't it?

Saturday, April 18, 2015


I am going to paint my front door red and change my name to Elizabeth Arden (obscure theatre reference for those of you keeping score at home  ;-D )

Yet . . .

Well, we're stumbling to the finish line, I'm afraid.

Not all the trim came in for the sunroom cabinets, so they are not done.  Yet.  Plus, I realized that I forgot to buy pulls for the cabinet doors.  Great.  No putting stuff away in them. Yet.

But they're gorgeous  :-)  So is the granite.  :-)

The granite's in the bathroom, but not sealed.  The backsplash isn't done, and the sink is not hooked up.  That means that I cannot use that bathroom for anything.  Yet. 

But it's gorgeous  :-)

The painter is here today and he's working in the sunroom.  That means I'm banished to my office, which is a disasterland on par with the living and dining rooms . . .

 Most of that corner is stuff from the sunroom - but I've determined that I don't want baskets all over in there any longer, so it's time to get rid of them.  But probably not this week.  Crossing my fingers for next week  :-)

The ORKIN man was just here, and I'm about to hop in the car to make a quick run to the Second Chance Shop so that I'm there right at 10 when they open.  Then I'm racing over to the dealership for my car's first service.  It's free  :-)  Then I have to pick up a can of red paint for the front door, and then I'm back here.

And when I'm back here, I'm going to be in my office, so I'm thinking it's time for me to get stuff filed, stuff dusted (again), and stuff put away.  That will go a long way toward getting this space back to being functional.  There is still a lot in here that will eventually be in the new bathroom.  I think I'm going to move it all into the guest room where the rest of the stuff is so that I can get this room in some kind of order again.

That's my exciting Saturday  :-D

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Neverending Story . . .

Oh. My. God.

No, it's still not done . . .

 I washed the kitchen curtains (OxyClean for the win!)  They were still drying here, but they look like new again  :-)

The kitchen is pretty much done and the shelves have undergone a serious transformation . . .  You can't see the completely full third shelf, but you can get a pretty good idea (and you can tell how . . . um . . . grey . . . the kitchen curtains were.  Eeeuuw!).  So - from this . . .

 To this:

 The sunroom has gone from this:

To this.  The space will be primed and the new cabinets in tomorrow.  Cross your fingers.  (You can see some of the "before" kitchen shelves in this photo, too.)  The painter will paint this room completely over the weekend.

 Last time you saw the bathroom, it was gutted to the studs.  At the moment, it looks like this:

And this:

There is water in the tub to keep any other workmen from using the faucet or standing in it.  The tile and grout are not sealed yet, and the shower glass is not in yet.  Tomorrow the vanity should be done and the rest of the backsplash should also be done.

I'm not even going to show you the living room and dining room because although I managed to get the sofa cleared off (which means that I got the front hall closet put back together - well, mostly put back together), the dining room is now full of plants and stuff from the sunroom because the painter is coming this weekend to paint in there.

The hall's done, though  :-)

There is light at the end of the tunnel.  My amazing and wonderful cleaning lady will be coming early tomorrow morning, and she should be able to get the sunroom pretty clean, and also the guest room, my room, and the guest bath, as well as the kitchen.  The rest (my office and the living and dining rooms) she's going to have to come back for next time - and I'm getting a quote on having the windows washed.

That's the update from The Third Coast.  I realized today that this work started on February 2nd, so it's been chaos and dust here for two and a half months.  My hair is standing on end more than usual.  I love everything that's happening - I just wish it would have happened a little faster  :-D

Friday, April 3, 2015

Whoomp, There it Is . . .

The painter is going to start painting tomorrow.  He's going to start in the kitchen, and then that room will be done except for the one missing puck light in the corner.  The other half of my kitchen has a built-in where I have a LOT of books.  But the painter is starting in the kitchen.  Tomorrow.  At 8:30 a.m.  So I cleared everything out . . .

But you know, it hadda go somewhere . . .

And JesisMaryandJoseph it didn't all fit, so the overflow is in the living room, along with the contents of the front hall closet, and five rather large (Rather large, China (obscure theatre reference for those of you keeping score at home)) boxes containing the medicine cabinet, the new bathroom mirror, and the new black table and chairs for the kitchen (yeah that old white cafe chair in the first photo above is headed for the basement).

I mean it - my hair is standing on END (more than usual).  I've reached the end of my rope, tied the knot, and am hanging on (thank you, Eleanor Roosevelt).

Truth be told, I'm actually pretty excited about having all the books out - they all need to be dusted off, and it's time for me to go through them all - I'm sure there's got to be a shelf or two's worth that I can divest. 

Yeah, I'm still divesting.  I really don't know how it's possible that I STILL have stuff I can divest, and yet, whoomp, there it is . . .