Saturday, April 18, 2015

Yet . . .

Well, we're stumbling to the finish line, I'm afraid.

Not all the trim came in for the sunroom cabinets, so they are not done.  Yet.  Plus, I realized that I forgot to buy pulls for the cabinet doors.  Great.  No putting stuff away in them. Yet.

But they're gorgeous  :-)  So is the granite.  :-)

The granite's in the bathroom, but not sealed.  The backsplash isn't done, and the sink is not hooked up.  That means that I cannot use that bathroom for anything.  Yet. 

But it's gorgeous  :-)

The painter is here today and he's working in the sunroom.  That means I'm banished to my office, which is a disasterland on par with the living and dining rooms . . .

 Most of that corner is stuff from the sunroom - but I've determined that I don't want baskets all over in there any longer, so it's time to get rid of them.  But probably not this week.  Crossing my fingers for next week  :-)

The ORKIN man was just here, and I'm about to hop in the car to make a quick run to the Second Chance Shop so that I'm there right at 10 when they open.  Then I'm racing over to the dealership for my car's first service.  It's free  :-)  Then I have to pick up a can of red paint for the front door, and then I'm back here.

And when I'm back here, I'm going to be in my office, so I'm thinking it's time for me to get stuff filed, stuff dusted (again), and stuff put away.  That will go a long way toward getting this space back to being functional.  There is still a lot in here that will eventually be in the new bathroom.  I think I'm going to move it all into the guest room where the rest of the stuff is so that I can get this room in some kind of order again.

That's my exciting Saturday  :-D


colorpoems said...

I love your remodeling! Something we need to start doing after 15 years in our house.
I am addicted to your podcasts - I'm off now to watch Episode 35...Have a great weekend...

A :-) said...

Thank you! I've been in this house 11 years - some of the stuff I should have done back then :-D So glad you are enjoying the podcast episodes :-)