Thursday, November 11, 2010

Indian Summer . . .

The blog posts have been few and far between here lately - sorry about that. I have been enjoying this last hurrah of summer.

When I was a little girl, the Chicago Tribune always printed a piece called "Injun Summer," written in 1907 by John McCutcheon. Apparently it's not PC any longer, but boy, it sure holds a lot of childhood memories for me. Times, however, change. No one burns their leaves anymore (causes cancer and air pollution), and our native people are no longer called Indians, but Native Americans. Still, I remember waiting for this when I was a kid - I think it was the drawings far more than the text that captured me. I have linked to it, above, in case you would like to read it. It was a mainstay in the Trib from 1912 until 1992, when they felt that the text had "outlived its day."

An on a completely other topic - are you still wondering about my little tease a couple of weeks ago? Well, here's another clue - my friend, Tammy the Darthknitter and I and our friend, Christa the Blogless have come up with something fun and we've been working away on the prep . . . a way to blast the stash using all different weights of yarn . . . and all will be revealed on Thanksgiving. So, yes, I know, it's mean to tease - but I'm not spilling the beans just yet ;-)

My friend, Karen, at The Knitting Patch gave my blog an award!

Apparently, now I'm required to tell you 10 little known facts about myself . . . Hmmmm. Well, first of all, let me say thanks, Karen! And I'm sorry it took me so long to get this going. I think I did one of these lists once before for something . . . so there might be some repeats, but that's OK.

1. I am a first-generation American.
2. I used to know how to say "Where is the bathroom" in about 10 different languages. (Now, I'm down to three ;-D)
3. I have met a greater than average number of famous people.
4. The 33rd Army Band once played Happy Birthday to me, personally! (it was thrilling!)
5. I sport ink.
6. I have moved approximately 30 times in my life.
7. I was in a Jeff-nominated show. (The Jeff's are Chicago's version of the Tony Awards.)
8. I love origami and have a number of books and special origami paper to make cranes with :-)
9. I really am a list-maker :-D It helps me get centered when the world is whirling all around me.
10. I am a really great kisser ;-)

Karen's right - this was harder than you might think - and so, I'm breaking the tradition, by not naming 10 more bloggers - but if you are reading this, know that you are beautiful, whether or not you are a blogger. You can claim this award for yourself and I encourage you to do so! You are beautiful just as you are. I'm not joking. So many never hear those words, or they don't hear them often enough. So, my friends and readers - I say it again: You are beautiful exactly as you are - right now - in this moment - with bedhead hair or a body maybe a little larger than you think you might prefer - none of that makes any difference: you are beautiful. Take back your power and own your beauty :-)

Take back your power . . .


Tammy said...

Karen's right - you are beautiful! :-)

And I'm proud to call myself part Mohawk Indian - not native American; AND we'll be burning some leaves and brush this weekend. (It's my own personal war against PC, LOL).

Knittinggarden said...

I second your nomination and agree with your sentiments. We're all beautiful!