Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Dust . . .

And OMG the dust is unbelievable . . .

Here's how things looked when I got home the first day of construction:

I know.  Like a bomb went off.  Well, all the jackhammering is done, but there's not much you can do about concrete dust . . .

My contractor - James P Construction - brought a cleaning lady with him today and she did a really great job.  The office is still not great, but that's because I have crap everywhere and she was afraid she'd mess something up.

Nearly all the concrete is out now, and four tons (yes, really) of gravel have gone in.  Drain tiles - which are not actually tiles, but rather big roundy tubes - have socks.  (Yes, really.)  My friend, Tammy The Proverbial Knitter asked if they were cabled socks.  They are not.  Here's how things look today:

On these two photos you can see that the drain tile is in and it's graveled over.

 On this one, you can see how it actually works, and you can see the "sock" that goes around it.  That's the old sump pit - they are putting in a new, bigger, fiberglass pit tomorrow.

And here you can see that the center channel is still just hanging out with concrete rubble still in it, but that will probably begin to change tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

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