Sunday, February 15, 2015

It's Neverending . . .

I posted construction photos on February 3rd.  Phase 1 is now pretty much complete, and Phase 2 starts tomorrow.  Here are some photos from the process:

 Another view of the basement pretty torn up.

 They foamed where the walls meet the foundation.

 The old, rusted out cast iron drainage pipe - this was replaced with PVC.

 This is the channel where the new PVC went - yes, that's standing water UNDER my foundation.  I won't have that any more  :-)

 My NEW DOOR!!!!!  :::::Happy Dance:::::::

 New, vented glass block windows replaced the original single pane windows throughout the basement.

 Except for one emergency window - that's code here.

 New pit with computer battery backup.

 And we moved upstairs to the sunroom - an access panel made to get in and foam that half wall to stop condensation issues.

 Another "settling crack" fixed - now that the foundation is stable again with no excess water pressure pushing on it, the cracking should stop.

 Primed and ready for paint (OMG - I think Paint is Phase 746 . . . ;-) )

 All the windows in the old part of the house were foam insulated.

Here's the concrete curing in the basement.  Everything down there from Phase 1 is now complete.

Last, but certainly not least, I went from about 4" of attic insulation to about 18", which yields the required R49 rating up there.  And yes, that's a giant television antenna.  Inside the attic.  It's huge.  Kinda wish I would have known it was up there  :-D

As mentioned, Phase 2 starts tomorrow - that's more work in the basement.  Sealing the floor and the walls, some work on the fireplace down there, and also lighting upstairs.  I went to Menards.

It was an expensive trip . . .  LED light bulbs are spendy - but apparently they last a million years.  Cross your fingers.


Michelle said...

Lots of progress there! I don't think you'll regret the LEDs; I'm going that route as I can afford them.

candy said...

Major work going on!! I didn't realize you had a lake under your could have been worse, there could have been major structural damage.