Sunday, February 15, 2015

WW Week 15

Challenging week here.  Again.  I think that the construction has me more discombobulated than I realized.  I'll post a construction update shortly.  I did weigh yesterday, but I haven't looked at it and am just moving forward.  It's logged and I can easily check it whenever I decide it.  But for now, it is what it is and I'm moving forward.

The weather is awful again - really, really cold, which makes me just want to hibernate in the house as much as I can, and since the house is completely torn apart, this is not a comforting as it usually is.  Oh well, this, too, shall pass  :-)

I've been pondering Lent, which starts on Wednesday.  Presbyterians observe the season of Lent, and I always give something up or take something on.  I usually try two things -  I think this gives me twice as much chance of success.  This doesn't always work, but I like to think it's helpful.  Please, don't disabuse me of my attitude - it's working for me and I'm sticking to it  ;-D

Here's the check in:

Weight:  ?
Daily Points:  31
Weekly Points:  49 (ate ?)
Activity Points:  6 (ate 6)

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