Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Eve (I Made That Up :-D)

It's the day before Easter, and it snowed here this morning. Actually it snowed yesterday, too. We were lulled into a false sense of security by some spring-like weather . . . but this is Chicago. It's March. What did you expect?! It didn't stick, though, well, not much of it. Besides which, Easter is early this year.

In addition to the snow, I saw my first robins of spring this morning, and that made me very very happy somehow :-) I was supposed to visit Linda, the Chicken Lady today, but she was sick, and not wanting to catch whatever she's got, I stayed home and ran a few errands and got stuff done around here. A found day - how often does that happen for me? Not very.

So I made the most of it! All the hanging plants got haircuts and cleaned up today. That was quite an undertaking, but they all needed it very much. I'm glad it's done :-) I went to Home Depot and bought another bird feeder - I have one I like that the squirrels can't get into (believe me, they still try). I also bought some more bird seed and some light bulbs. Exciting stuff!!! :-D A quick stop at Dominick's and I started on the plants.

Then, I had this sari silk yarn sitting on the floor of my office. . . Michelle had thought it might work for her current project. She decided against it, and I thought, well, I didn't really know what to do with it. Then, the cartoon light bulb went off over my head and I remembered that I had, in fact, actually bought it for a reason: The Raj Shawl.
Well, since it was out on the floor (and out of the stash!!!!) I figured I could wind it up and get cracking. What a mess. It took me hours to wind the stuff (by hand, I might add), and the stuff that came from the UK was not the sturdiest, but some of it will definitely be used. The rest of it was from Frabjous Fibers, and was bit sturdier and also spun tighter. A lot of that will be used.

So, I started on it, and it's my hope that it will loosen up when I wash it, because it feels a little tight to me, but since I'm only on row 15 of what will become a gigundous number of stitches, I suppose it will be quite some time before I find out. So, thanks, Michelle, for deciding against it! You got me started on another project :-) (I and I hope you'll find the best match for your jacket).

I have also started another pair of Yukon Leaves socks. I like the pattern. The pair made from ShibuiKnits is nearly done (and will wait until April to be all the way done so they can count for the SAM 5 KAL), so I started another pair - this one out of Yarn Love, Scarlett O'Hara, in the Violets colorway - bet you can guess where those will be going.

And speaking of violets, here a peak at what's growing Chez A. Lots of plants, the crowns of which had to be restarted due to neglect on my part :-S Too much going on all the time for awhile there, I'm afraid. They are doing well now, however, and are about ready to be repotted and go back on the light cart. There are also some leaves in there that I put down to make some starts for a colleague at work - they are coming along nicely!

The violets are going to be moving down to the basement. My original plan for them was to have them down there, but due to water issues, that wasn't possible. Everything has been corrected down there, so it's time to move at least one light cart down there and see how they like it. Should be interesting.

Happy Easter :-)

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oh, I'm so glad that you are destashing the sari silk even though I didn't take it off your hands! One word of warning, though; that is going to be a HEAVY shawl (if it's anything like my cardigan)!