Thursday, December 10, 2009


I was only kidding before when I said it was cold.

NOW it's cold. The wind chill this morning in Chicagoland was gusting to 20 below. Yikes!

Autumn lingered for so long that I never changed the screens out on the security door. So, it warmed up a couple of degrees tonight, so I hurried up and did that before more snow could blow through the screen onto the mail and against the wooden door.

Because it rained like mad before the temperature dropped like a bomb, my garage door stuck closed. I managed to get it open, and put salt down under it. Once I got the salt bucket open, that is. That entailed a pair of needle nose pliers and considerable effort.

But it's all done now - and the best news is that my car started right up. I've been thinking I need a new battery - and since I rarely drive during the week, the car can go for days without being started. Not a good plan in this extreme weather. Even though it's in the garage, the garage is not heated, so it pays for me to go out and start it up every other day at least.

Winter is here, for real.


Kris said...

This harsh weather took me a little by surprise and now it has me searching for all my arctic apparel.

A :-) said...

No kidding - I've discovered that my new gloves are useless, and my coat needs a sweater under it . . .

candy t said...

Cold toes! I need to shop for better slippers.