Friday, July 2, 2010

Holiday Randomness . . .

Hmmmm, there's a lot to tell - and the last of the Morocco photos to share, and it's Friday and I have a FOUR-day weekend! Wahooo!!!

1. I got some exciting news yesterday - I'm going to be teaching at the Missouri Fiber Retreat in March 2011! Yes! It's true! And I couldn't be more excited. I put a proposal in to teach knitting socks on two circulars (top-down). This year they had only a few knitting classes, and people often ask me about knitting socks on circulars - and I've knit a million of them (only a slight exaggeration ;-D), and I've taught plenty of people how to knit and even taught beginning spinning. They are taking a chance on me! And I'm just hopping from foot to foot in anticipation, and it's MONTHS away :-D So - if you're going to Missouri next year, and you're tired of double-points, there is room for 8 students in my class (OMG - I LOVE saying that :-D)!!!

2. I managed to score a little bit of Wollmeise today in the grab bag listing. That was pretty wild. Have no idea how long it takes to get here - probably a few weeks. And some will be in its way to me courtesy of my friend, Karen, at The Knitting Patch, who hit the jackpot a few weeks ago and shared. She rocks :-)

3. I got off work early today :-)

4. I have great hope that my feet have turned the corner, so to speak. Yesterday was the first day in about a year that I had an amazing foot day. Even my physical therapist commented on my walking in to the facility and then while doing some deep tissue work on my heels. Plus, I got to walk for 8 minutes at 2.0 mph on the treadmill yesterday. Probably seems like nothing to you, but to me it's the serious light at the end of a brutally long tunnel. Please keep a good thought for me. My feet might finally be healing.

5. I broke my party fan. . . this is very disturbing. I had to buy a new on on eBay.

6. A week or so ago I got caught in the tornado that whipped through the Southland. It was WILD!

7. I'm participating in the Tour de Fleece this year - photographic evidence will appear here :-D

I'll leave you with this:

Come with me to the Kasbah . . .

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the teaching gig :-) and thanks for the shoutout