Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Running and I Can't Catch Up

Every year this happens to me in some form - This year, it's that there is so much fun to cram into the end of Summer that I booked myself solid until Labor Day.

I'm silly. Very silly. And yet, I want to do all these things, and since I only have a few things on the calendar for September and October, I decided that I would go ahead and go for it. I mean, I know that just because I want to do something it doesn't mean that I should book myself into oblivion, but I figure I can make it through the next few weeks and collapse over Labor Day.

I have started doing Morning Pages again most mornings. They are a creativity tool espoused by Julia Cameron. I learned about them in The Artist's Way and have used them off and on ever since.

And I'm very happy to tell you that my heels seem to have healed themselves. Oh Happy Day!!!!!! Well, I suppose they didn't heal themselves - I think the months (OK, almost two years) of stretching, anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, doctor visits, orthotics and plenty of prayers had something to do with it. :-) I'm still very very cautious with them, and I still have to take an anti-inflammatory most days, but I'm back up to 45 minutes on the treadmill most mornings, with good stretching as soon as I finish. This, of course, means that I am watching the scale head in the downward direction again, which really does make me all happy. :-)

This is how I usually start my mornings - pages and a walk.

But, this morning, I didn't do any of my normal stuff. I sat down and caught up on Ravelry. I'm a moderator of a group there called Year of Stash Socks, and there are so many brilliantly talented knitters who are a part of the group that I just love it! We're all over the world, knitting the same patterns together each month - it's so much fun!

And then, I decided I had better try to get caught up here, too before I lose all my readers :-) I know that the blog has been woefully thin on content this year, other than my 365 Project photos. So, there's been a lot about what I'm seeing through the lens, but not a lot of how I'm feeling and what I'm thinking. I kinda miss that . . . do you?


Kristyn said...

It seems like there is a lot of blogging ennui out there. I feel the same way about my blog sometimes.

Michelle said...

YES, I've missed reading about what you're thinking and feeling! I enjoyed this post; have wondered if you were able to walk on the treadmill yet.