Sunday, May 12, 2013

124:365 At the Festival . . .

We were ready to go home - all the way at the far end of the fairgrounds. It hadn't been crowded at all until this time - about 2:30.

Do you see that smoke?  It was lamb cooking.  OMG - I LOVE lamb - my mom used to say that people either love lamb or they hate it, that there was never an in between.  Well, I love it, and on this day, I really was sorry that I'm an Ovo-Pescetarian right now . . .  I gave great thought to having some, but since I had no reference for how my body might react after being meatless for nearly two months (and the lines to both the "flush privies" as they say at the Ren Faire, and the port-o-potties were long), I decided to play it safe.  It smelled like heaven . . .

I'll share more photos soon - the festival is really not a place for babies in strollers, or huge backpacks - it always surprises me to see both at events like this.   

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