Saturday, September 21, 2013

Project Zero . . .

Things are sort of settling into a rhythm here now that fall is in the air.

I swear on all that's holy that I am going to be better about scheduling myself into oblivion.  These first two weeks of September have been pretty good in that respect.

I'm pretty much back to normal in terms of my schedule - but since last fall, I have added in pipe practice.  And, I've started writing morning pages again just this week.  There seems to be a lot on my mind in so many areas - morning pages always help with stuff like this.  If I can get things down on the page, then I can begin to sort through it all . . .   :-)

I'm looking at a better schedule for my mornings, where on non-club days I get up and write pages immediately and then walk, and then practice a little.  It's still not perfect as I need more practice time, and on work out mornings at the club, I find myself writing my pages on the train  :-D  But I'll figure it out and get it going smoothly.

Something that I'm adopting for the rest of the year is a technique I heard about through Paula at The Knitting Pipeline.  She calls it Project Zero.  I took it a little further, and tied my experience with the Law of Diminishing Returns to it.  Long story short, is that I'm tacking three projects at a time.  No more. 

I still have my huge list of "reserve projects," but only three are at the forefront at any given time.  Thus, things become much more manageable and I feel that I will be able to get more accomplished over time rather than sitting with a gigantor list of projects constantly staring me in face.  Some are knitting and fiber related, but some are not.

For example, right now, the top three (i.e., the ones I'm actively working on until they are completed) are:

1.  Wash all the Hull Pottery to go to auction
2.  Block the Clapotis
3.  Catalog all the Hull Pottery to go to auction

Yes, you read that correctly - the auction guy is FINALLY coming next Friday.  The pottery in the living room does not need to be washed, but all the stuff in the kitchen does.  I did the worst of it last night - the stuff over the cooktop.  Gross.  I'll finish the washing today and then get cracking on the rest of the cataloging.  I will be really happy to let it all go.

The reserve list of projects is long and crazy, but I've broken it all down into manageable steps - in fact, I think I'm going to make a page here on the blog where I can track it all! 

I've been divesting again.  You'll remember the Great Cleanup of 2010, well, I'm in a similar place - something new is coming into my life.  Once again, I'm not sure what it is or will be, but I'm being led to make space for it.  So, for the past few weeks, I've been going through stuff, getting rid of all the clothes that are now too big for me or are hopelessly out of style, culling the books again, and the kitchen, and taking everything over to the Second Chance Shop.   And the Hull is going.  It's really freeing.

I feel lighter and lighter with everything that goes.  Is there stuff holding you back?  Would someone else be thrilled to have the stuff that no longer serves you?   Think about it  ;-)


Auntea said...

I took a trunk load full to the thrift store this week myself. It felt so good. Vintage kitchen gadgets that I loved but no longer use can now be enjoyed by someone else. Videos that I only watch once every couple of years, gone. Not one but two espresso machines. Seriously? Ahhhhh feels so good.

candy said...

I like the idea of putting projects into threes. I think we need to try that, finish 3, then move to another three! We have about 14 billion (lol) projects inside the house and another 40 outside.

A :-) said...

The three project limit is making things much more manageable!