Thursday, January 2, 2014

Well Crud :-S

GAH!!!!!   Disaster!!!!!

OK, a broken thermos isn't a disaster, but I'm just so bummed - and so dramatic  ;-D

I dropped my lunchbag this morning on the train.  It's no great shakes - just a little square lightly insulated lunch bag that I got for free (a promotion from a vendor), but it's been a good lunch bag for me.  I was on the train and I could feel that the strap was slipping down my shoulder - and I thought I caught it, but I didn't.  It hit the floor with quite a bang.  Someone picked it up and handed it back to me - I thought I heard the spoon clank against it but didn't give it a second thought - just slung the bag back over my shoulder and kept going.

Fast forward to lunch and I'm all ready for my soup - which I managed to fix for myself this morning (fix - read: I opened a can and heated it up :-D) so that I would actually HAVE my lunch with me today, thus maintaining some control over the food that goes in my mouth, as well as over the money that comes out of my wallet on a daily basis.

When I opened the bag and picked my thermos up, it rattled like it was full of diamonds.  Diamonds suspended in Amy's Lentil Vegetable Soup (if only  :-D).  Hmmmm, that must have been the clanking spoon sound . . . I couldn't even get the inner top off, but could see that it had leaked a little, so I rattled it a couple times more for good measure, and pretended it was full of diamonds . . . and then trotted it over to the kitchen here and gave it the old heave ho.

Well crud.

I know I had another thermos - a stainless food jar from my flirtation with the Laptop Lunches bento boxes.  That phase didn't actually last very long - they weren't functional for me - but I think I did keep the thermos.   If Tupperware would make a box like that, I'd be on it in a second - their stuff seals really well, and the Laptop stuff did not.

Anyway - I just checked and they say that their thermos only keeps stuff warm for 6 hours.  That's not going to cut it for me.  I'll get a new metal one on Amazon - probably this one - because it says it keeps things hot for 7 hours.

I actually thought my old thermos was plastic inside.  It didn't look like glass, but apparently it was.  Still, it lasted for close to 10 years - and maybe quite a bit longer, since I can't remember when I actually got it  :-D  I never used it much until this last year for the Amy's Soups that have been my lifesavers during cold weather - I don't seem to have the time or inclination to make my own soups, and Amy's is the only brand I've found that does not add sugar (except for one - the Butternut Squash one), and doesn't have cans lined with BPA.

So, I bundled up - it's been snowing here for two days now - and toddled over to Caffe Baci for the Baked Salmon, some pasta and some roasted vegetables - sometimes they say there's butter in the pasta, sometimes they say there's not.  I didn't ask today because I was really hungry and my soup was dead in the thermos.  It didn't taste like butter to me - and I'm pretty good at telling - so at least I got a very filling hot lunch today that included veggies.  And, I'll get a new thermos - for all I know the old one had BPAs in it!


Michelle said...

Ouch; sorry. I wish I could get my husband to take a lunch like that instead of spending money and eating less-than-ideal choices; shoot, I even make homemade soup! But alas, he refuses….

A :-) said...

It's more about what I can eat now - it's sometimes challenging to find places where I can get something I can eat that doesn't cost $11 or $12 for lunch in the city.

Anne (aka sandinmysocks on Ravelry) said...

Hey Adrienne! I'm liking the insulated containers from Kleen Kanteen (no financial interest) They are really a great product, with these you get what you pay for. see ya on Rav.