Thursday, March 27, 2014

This . . . and That . . .

Not quite sure how it's more than a month since I've written a blog post . . .

It's been an interesting month - the long and short of it, though, is that it's finally not sustainable for me any longer to be strictly an ovo-pescetarian.  I had my annual physical, and although my cholesterol was up just a little from July, my triglycerides continued on the downward trend, and my HDL (the good stuff) continued on the upward trend.  Yay Me!

I'm up about 15 pounds from the end of last year.  This is not a great thing - but as I look at the whole picture, it makes perfect sense to me, and - once again - I am learning more and more about myself, even in middle age.  Yay Me again!  So - what does that actually mean?

Well, as you probably know - and really, who doesn't know this unless they have been living under a rock for the past three months - we had the worst winter in Chicagoland since 1978-79.  I got this shirt . . . and I edited it.

Here's a look in early February:

Here's how I had to go to work most days - and really, I have no idea why I look all happy here, because I was as miserable as sin:

HolyMotherofGod - I'm still not sure it's over.  I mean, there has been no spring here and there is still snow in my backyard.  It was so cold and there was so much snow that it became difficult to be out in it every single day.  I mean, really - I had to walk in it daily and I did my share of comfort eating.  That, coupled with not walking for exercise (my normal routine went to hell) even though I have an awesome new treadmill . . . well, I have no one to blame - wait a minute - this isn't about blame, it's about learning.

Alrighty then - I learned that, much like I seek sweets and carbs when I'm in physical pain, I need to pay attention when my environment is crappy.  In the grand scheme of things, you'd think that this would be a no-brainer.  It wasn't.


Yay Me!!!  I continue to learn.

Even so, I have done some fun stuff in the past few months - Here's the short story  :-)

Missouri Fiber Retreat!!!!

Some fiber, my projects, some books, and yeah, some yarn.  I've done pretty well so far on my Year with My Yarn.  I did buy two skeins in January of a sock yarn that I have been looking for for awhile.  One skein for socks for me, and another for a dear friend.  I felt this was a worthy purchase.  Then, I WON the two charcoal grey skeins you see in the center of the photo - so they don't count - but I did buy the three HPKY skeins to make presents for me and two of my cousins - again seemed like a worthy choice  :-)

The St. Patrick's Day Parade!

My gorgeous city - last night (click to biggify, baby!):

And this morning - bleary-eyed, in the rain:

I'll see about being a better correspondent . . .  :-)


Michelle said...

I hope that snow just keeps melting!

candy said...

Nice pictures! I gained more weight this winter than I have in years, and I know it's because I have been shivering my way through this winter and I just want to eat to stay warm!

A :-) said...

You and me both, Michelle. :-)

A :-) said...

Thanks Candy - yeah, this was a really rough few months. I truly hope it's over.