Sunday, April 6, 2014

Small World, Isn't It?

On Saturday I had a friend over and we had a really enjoyable afternoon.  There's nothing particularly noteworthy about having a friend over . . . but there is an interesting story to this particular visit.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a handwritten note in the mail.  Well, I love getting personal mail - who doesn't?!  However, this was addressed to me using my first name - which I have not used for more than 30 years.  Anyone who knows me well enough to send me a hand-written note knows that.

I looked at the return address but did not recognize the name - but the address was on my block.

Curiouser and curiouser . . .

I opened it up and it said that if I was the same person who had lived on a certain street in a certain town back in the day, I should please call the writer because I would be surprised to know who my neighbor on the corner is!

Well, I was that person who lived on that street in that town - the note was from D, a childhood friend!  She and her sister and I were thick as thieves when we were kids - until I moved away to California in one of my mom's semi-regular moves.

What a wonderful afternoon we had catching up - sharing old photos and memories, and finding our footing toward friendship again - this time as adults in mid-life.  It really was a wonderful afternoon - and how crazy is it that - once again - we live two houses away from each other.   :-)

In other news of the weekend, I managed to finish my kilt hose (which is important because I'm going to have to wear them next month  :-) ), so finally a finished object to share!

The pattern is Shrimpie's Kilthose.  The yarn is Neighborhood Fiber Co's Studio Worsted (which is awesome yarn).  I probably could have gone one more 8-row pattern repeat on each leg, but they are OK  :-)

The laundry is done and it's time to hit the hay - here's a memory from Gypsy  :-)


Auntea said...

What an awesome story! I am so happy for you!

A :-) said...

Thanks Ellie - it's really nice :-)