Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Giving it a Try

I have wanted to do this for awhile.  Crazy Knitting Fool does this, and she said it comes from the Carole Knits blog.  I attempted to sign up for the weekly email, but it wouldn't let me . . . and from what I can tell on the Carole Knits blog, she's on vacation for two weeks.  So, I decided to do last week's this week, and see what happens next time  :-D  Maybe I will be able to get on the list when Carole returns from vacation.

The topic for last Tuesday was:

10 Things I Only Do Once A Year But I Wish You Could Do Them More Often

  1. Michigan Fiber Festival -  I really like to go, but I suppose going more often would make it not quite so special.
  2. Birthday Lunch with my friend R - we actually do a lunch twice a year, but only one is for our birthdays, which are a week apart.  I guess there's no reason we couldn't do this more often!
  3. A Date - actually, since I haven't had one for a few years, it would be quite nice to have one again.  At least I think it would be :-D
  4. Read a Book - Yeah, that's kinda scary.  I used to be a prolific reader but I rarely seem to find time to read.  I confess I have read a couple of fluff books recently, so obviously I do this more than once a year, but it's something that's very much on my list to do more of.
  5. Finish Knitting a Sweater - Geez . . . I have two on the needles, both of which have been resting for more than a year.  I'd like to finish at least one of them this year.
  6. Sing in the Choir at Christmas - I haven't actually done this for a few years now.  I do miss it, but my life seems to just be so crazy that giving up every Thursday night seems like more than I can stand - so maybe this shouldn't be on the list . . .
  7. Get a Massage - I used to be better at this, but I just don't make the time or spend the money anymore.  :-(
  8. Take a Day Off - yeah, you know, a real day off.  Not for a vacation or because I have to go somewhere or wait for a tradesman or I'm sick.  Just a day off.  
  9. Sleep Well - OK, this just has to happen more than once a year, and I'm hoping it's going to start happening regularly again soon, but right now, it feels like for fricking ever since I have had a good night's sleep.
  10. Have a Goal - again, this one is within my control . . . I've been rudderless for awhile now.  Probably time to be doing some personal work and figuring out my path, which has become muddy and unclear.

Wow, this was definitely harder than I thought it would be, and I'm not sure I did it right because I'm feeling sort of sad about my list.  But is there a right?   I'm not so sure that there is.  In any case, it has made me think, which - I think - is the entire point  ;-)

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