Thursday, June 18, 2015

I Can Walk Under Ladders . . .

Things are much better now.  I turned the corner on the bronchitis on Sunday.  I'm still coughing up glop, but I'm feeling good and didn't miss any work.

My second eye surgery yesterday went well, and I think that they did not use as much of the dilating medicine this time around because my right eye is returning to normal a bit more quickly than my left one did.  It's not all the way back to normal, but I suspect it will be by tomorrow.  

Since the right eye is still somewhat dilated, things are still a little blurry - but I am using the computer and my cell phone without glasses. This is miraculous.  I'm not kidding.  Everything is much brighter, and I often feel now that I'm in a 3-D movie.  I can see all the leaves on the trees rather than a large blob of green.  It's startling. :-)  I have lots of drops to use for another few weeks, but that's pretty easy to do.  

I'm anxious for the dilation to go down so that I can see if all the blurring really goes away.  I believe that it will.  I have another post op check a week from Saturday.  I'll know more then, but I did pretty well this morning with the vision checks that they did, and although I obviously have cheaters with me still, it's weird to use them.  I think I might have to drop back down to 125's and then only have them on hand just in case.  I truly don't anticipate using them again.

A friend pointed out to me that really big dramatic things happen in my life.  I never thought about it before, but I guess she's right.  

Last fall, in November, I was involved in a bad car accident.  It wasn't my fault.  My car was totaled, and although I was pretty banged up, nothing was broken.  I didn't miss much work - although in retrospect I should have stayed home quite a bit longer.  It was about three months before I started to feel like myself again.  I ran across the photos of my injuries last week.  Wow.  They were pretty awful.  Thankfully, at the time of the accident Linda the Chicken Lady and her Hannah Dog were staying with me prior to their relocation to Northern California.  They both took great care of me during the worst of it.  Then, when I was feeling better, the construction started and lasted for another three months.  I'm still trying to recoup from that and get the house back to normal.  Now I've had eye surgery - a big thing for me even though it all went quite smoothly - and a round of bronchitis (which I believe I also had in December if I'm not mistaken) because you know, when you have asthma, you never get to have "just a cold."  It's always more serious and usually entails an infection and unnaturally colored glop gacking up out of my lungs.  Yeah.  Ick.

So, as I think on it, it's been about six months of crazy and, frankly, I haven't done all that well through it in terms of taking good care of myself.  I marvel at how easy it is to slip back into poor food habits so quickly . . . really.  I'm not kidding.   Habits I thought were long behind me.  Not so much, I'm afraid, and now I have to work to put them behind me again.  But I'm back to tracking my food.  That will be helpful.  I'm planning on walking more.  That will be helpful.  I'm planning on sleeping more.  That will also be helpful.  And, I'm working through The Artist's Way again with my friend, T.  We start our Week 1 check-in on Sunday.  I have found that The Artist's Way is an excellent tool for helping me focus, and since I also have been feeling very creatively blocked of late, it's going to be very very helpful for that, too.

So, yeah, big dramatic things.  And yet . . . I continue to be very, very lucky.  I was in the accident in the new car - three months old to the day.  Had I been in my old car, I would have been seriously injured or killed.  As it was, the new car saved my life.  And I got to get another new car - this time, a 2015 Subaru Forester with their Eyesight Technology.  The safest car on the road.  A dear friend was staying with me at the time of the accident so she could come and retrieve me from the accident site, take me to the ER, and care for me for a few weeks.  I had a wonderful contractor for the construction and he and his crew feel like family members now.  I love everything we did in my home.  For the past few weeks it's been raining like mad here - flash flood amounts of rain - and my basement is as dry as a bone.  REALLY happy about that.  I can see out of both of my eyes now, and I probably won't need cheaters any more.  

Yup.  I'm Lucky . . .