Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Sunday Wrap-Up . . .

It's Sunday  :-)  It's Mother's Day, so have a happy one if you're a mom  :-)

First, the shoulder update.  I did see the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday.  The Good News is that, at this time, I don’t have to have a cortisone shot nor do I require surgery. I'm ALL happy about this.  :-)

The Not Quite so Good news is that the doc did confirm tendinitis in my shoulder which has led to a degree of adhesive capsulitis, sometimes referred to as frozen shoulder. Apparently it’s more common in women of a certain age … ahem … and can come out of nowhere, which it did with me. I have to do another 4-6 weeks of PT and then go visit the surgeon again  He also said that it is not uncommon for nothing to happen with this direction until at least the second month of PT. 

The surgeon was going to give me something for the pain that I could take before PT, but I am allergic to codeine, tramadol, and many other pain meds. There was almost a mishap in this area, so I ordered a MedicAlert dogtag on Wednesday - seemed like it might be a good thing to have.  So, because I am already taking diclofenac (which is like Advil on steroids), I get to take an Extra Strength Tylenol about an hour before PT and I can take one before going to bed, too.  It's not much, but it helps somehow.  I have definitely made a little bit of progress this week.  I'm muscle sore, so I think I'm getting somewhere.  :-)

Unfortunately, as with some other inflammatory conditions (such as plantar fasciitis) it can take what feels like a staggeringly long time for frozen shoulder resolve, although it usually does so without invasive procedures (crossing my fingers!).  I'm not really interested in a year+ recovery time, so I am being very diligent with my PT. In the meantime, however, it’s still very much The No-Fun Plan. Interestingly enough, though, having the expert confirm the path I and my physical therapist have been on has been oddly uplifting.  At least I truly know now, what's going on - I have something to grasp and focus on. 

In other news of the week, some beautiful things are happening here on the stands  :-)

These are the first blossoms on K's Tipsy Spritzer (love it!!)  I think it's going to be a heavy bloomer and I'm excited to be growing it.  It will be potted on at the end of the month.

 And this one I've been waiting on for months.  This stunner is Paula's Fidgety Frankie

I am usually not keen on fantasy blossoms - that's what you call a blossom like this that is streaked with another color - but I certainly love this one  :-)  It's been a very slow grower for me - it's still in a Solo cup and will also be potted on at the end of the month.

I'm also finally working on some socks for my sister-in-law from yarn she picked out at least three years ago  :-D    These are my YOSS socks for May.  I'm just about to pick up the gusset!

The pattern is Hermione's Everyday Socks and the yarn is Socks that Rock Lightweight in the River Rocked colorway.  This is my first time with this pattern and I really love it!

I'm going to leave you with a favorite - together again . . .

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Anonymous said...

Love the song, love the violets, and love the socks.

Glad to hear that the orthopedic surgeon was able to make you feel somewhat better. Sometimes just having someone to talk to that is an expert and can explain things as to what you are dealing with seems to make it better. I, too, had to visit an orthopedic surgeon in regard to the arthritis in my hands. Even though he wasn't able to stop the arthritis from becoming worse, talking with him made me understand my situation in a different light.

Physical therapy [or exercise] may be a new constant in your life. I never realized how properly moving our bodies can make such a big difference in how we move in our daily lives. I discovered Miranda Esmonde-White's "Classical Stretch" [on PBS] which has made a big difference for me.

Have to say that I've never been a big fan of fantasy flowers on AV's, but there are some that are interesting. For me it is Enchanted Watercolor and Rob's Boolaroo. I enjoy seeing how your violets are growing.

Janice H.