The Study, Part 2 . . .

So, it's been pretty cool to not have to cook at all for most of this week. 

The food has - for the most part - been pretty good!  Yay! 

The very best thing about it is that I have not had any blood sugar spikes/dips at all since I've been eating it.  I'm not diabetic, but this is still important to me. 

Here is what two of my breakfasts have been:

 A rather large bowl of oatmeal, apple chips, peaches, soy milk and water.  I thought it was odd that they gave me soy milk.  It is a replacement for 2% cow milk, which I don't tolerate well. The diet is mineral balanced, so I guess the soy was the closest to cow dairy.

Here is one of the dinners:

This was pasta with veg and some chicken and some Parmesan cheese.  I heated it up in the microwave.  It was very good.  The container on the left was something called Blueberry Fool.  It was not great. It was yogurt and blueberries, and I think that the blueberries had been frozen.  Sometimes when frozen fruit thaws, it loses its "fruit-like" properties.  The berries were like chewing cardboard  :-D  If I wasn't required to eat everything I'm given, I would not have finished them.

All of the food came bagged for every meal, and everything is in containers like this.  There are apple chips, romaine lettuce, peaches, some bread, some Swiss cheese, some chicken, and some small wafer cookies and a small bottle of water.  The portions are very controlled - my kidney stone prevention coach, Jill, talks all the time about portion control.  Here is a good visual of it - it's my lunch for today, which for someone else would have been a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich, but for me, is chicken and Swiss.  I didn't see any mayo or condiment, but there might be something in with the lettuce - I'll know at lunchtime  :-D   And if not, it will be a dry sandwich. 

Here it is packed in my lunchbag along with the pills I have to take at every meal:

My lunch on Tuesday had pretzels with it, and I was kind of excited to see them.  They were unsalted.  And really, what's the point?!  :-D  Last night's dinner had some Fritos, and they might have been reduced sodium if there is such a thing, but they were still good and a real treat!

I started my urine collection this morning.  It's two separate foldable jugs instead of the one big one you get from Litholink.  One is for daytime, and one is for overnight.  I haven't been looking forward to doing a collection at work.  So far it's going OK, though I wish the opening was a little bigger like on the Litholink jugs. 

I was definitely a bag lady on the train this morning, with my usual backpack (lunch was inside), my overnight bag (the girlie one with pink roses  :-) ), a black bag of black bags (I have to return the cooler bags that all the food came in, and freezy ice that kept it chilled on its way to me), and my shopping bag with my urine collection supplies. 

While I walked from my house to the train like I always do, I did break down and cab it across the Loop to my office.  I'll likely hoof it back to the train this evening after work, though, and then when I get off the train, I will either walk or cab over to the research center where I will spend the night.  I'm not all that fast a walker, so it will probably take me about half an hour.  If it's raining, I'll cross my fingers to catch a cab!

Testing starts in the morning. 

I am already learning a lot by seeing the portions of the food.  As mentioned before.  I really like not having that sleepy feeling after lunch, so I'm going to be looking into how to continue to combat that for myself going forward. 

I'm looking forward next week to my "Only One" being here for a good long visit.  It's hard to be living up and down the country from each other.  J loves to cook, and so do I, and he's extremely supportive of my focus on keeping my cranky kidney healthy and reducing my BMI.   Yay!  Here's some old James Taylor (with Don Henley and Joni Mitchell on backup!) for your day  :-)


Barb said…
Love reading this. Thanks for sharing. It’s good insight into how research is done. Barb
Michelle said…
Sounds like you are getting a lot of benefits in following their diet; I hope you keep it up!
Retired Knitter said…
When I started Weight Watchers I learned a lot about portion control - and reducing carbs and I did feel better as well. If I could just think of food as fuel for the body only. Glad you are getting some positive benefits.
Becky said…
Adrienne, thanks for sharing all of this information about your research study. I love all the pictures and explanations. I am anxious to hear more about the study details, the process, and the results. I feel like I know you since you were on my first group calls with Jill! --Becky
A :-) said…
Barb! Glad you are enjoying my chronicle :-)
A :-) said…
Michelle - you know what a struggle it's been for me. Thanks for your support!! :-)
A :-) said…
Retired Knitter - thanks - I definitely know portion control - putting it into practical use is often where I stumble.
A :-) said…
Becky - you're welcome!! So glad you are getting benefit from hearing about my experience. And yes - we really got in on the ground floor with Jill, didn't we? I remember how many questions I asked Dr. Coe when we had our time with him!

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