Thursday, August 16, 2007

Seasons Change

Funny to be thinking about this now, but as I was riding home on the train tonight, there were lights on on the roof of a factory that train passes on the way home. I was on my regular train - not late - that means that the days are clearly getting shorter and summer's dog days are drawing to a close. We are closer to September than July.

I don't wish for these days to be over - just as I don't wish for the week to hurry by on a Monday morning - I don't like to wish away my days . . . that's time that you never get back. No, I don't wish these days to go more quickly- but I have to admit that I will be happy when it is a little less humid. It's been just brutal the past couple of weeks.

Buy stock in Johnson & Johnson - baby powder use has hit an all-time high in the Midwest.

On another note - Linda's chickens have come home to roost! Literally :-D Her three new chickens arrived today! I'm going to have to over and see them. They don't have official names yet, but I'm rooting for Chicky-Loo for one of them :-D My cousins had a cat named Kitty-Loo for years, and I used to have a cat named Bucky, who was more often than not called Bucky-Roo :-)

And a final note - one of the things I was most excited about getting at Stitches didn't actually get into the photo. There is this sweater . . . isn't that how it always starts? Well, there is this sweater that I saw online sometime ago in my search for the perfect Aran sweater to knit with my Iona wool, and it stayed in my head . . . and as I walked into the Black Water Abbey booth at Stitches, there it was!!! It's called Celtic Dreams, and was designed by Beth Brown-Reinsel and it's way beautiful.

I think it might be the winner :-)

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