Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What's With All the PAPER?!?!?!?!?!?

OK - I think I'm turning into my mother - the woman had paper all over the house, and now I have stacks of paper all over my office . . . Where is all this paper coming from???

I mean - REALLY - I have just spent the last TWO HOURS trying to actually find the (insert your curse word of choice) cushions on the sofa in my office, and now that I'm down to just stuff (as opposed to paper) left on the cushions, I now have piles of paper all over the FLOOR.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph - I'm in some Kafka-esque nightmare of paper.

It's ridiculous - I don't understand how I could be so completely disorganized. I cannot understand how there could be this many pieces of paper on one sofa - Oh, let's be real - all over the HOUSE.

I swear that they are mating and making more paper.


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suburban prep said...

My mother and father moved into a one bedroom condo just a bit ago adn well you should have seen all the stuff that came out of the house (that has since been torn down--due to foundation problems). They had lived in the house for 30 yrs and had raised 7 kids there. It was pretty amazing. Sometimes though I am not sure she realizes that where she lives now is not as big.