Saturday, October 13, 2007


I had to break down and cut the furnace on this a.m. When I woke up, it was was 59 degrees in the house. Even for me, that's chilly. I pulled out my favorite fleecy last night - it looks like a pj top, but I love it the best - so soft and comfy.

It's been A's B&B all summer long here - my most recent visitor left yesterday after a nice long visit. And now, the weekend is here. Been having a boatload of fun on Ravelry. OMG I have SO much yarn. Not so much as Linda - her house is, after all, home of the Kegerator (where she stashes her yarn) - but plenty nonetheless.
I have been knitting - here are the latest socks: On the left, Opal Hundertwasser and on the right, Lana Grossa. There is a prayer shawl on the needles at home, and I have also been spinning.
My next lesson with PatsyZ is next Sunday.
I have to say, it really helps to have a live person teaching you instead of just a book. Sometimes you just need to see someone do something rather than read about it :-)
Last week I visited the local SnB group and I had such a good time!! They all made me feel very welcome, and what an interesting group of women they are - I'm looking forward to going back on the Wednesdays when I'm not teaching the church ladies to knit. There is truly something to be said for "community" in our often busy lives.
I have been up since 5 a.m. today, and in 20 minutes the tradesmen - ACK! They're here now! They've arrived to remove the whole house fan so I will have attic access again - whatever's been living up there had better run for its life. Literally. They are also fixing a saggy soffit on the North side of the house.


Kris said...

go figure...had the a/c on a week ago and now the heat...never a break;) but I got to tell you, the cooler weather makes me want to knit more!

A :-) said...

Me, too, Kris. When I lived in Southern California I didn't knit at all for 4 years - too bloody hot!