Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'm sitting here, in my workout clothes - missing my workout - trying to get my Palm LifeDrive to sync . . . and it won't . . . and, thinking that I was doing the SAFE sync (which equates, of course, to me as the safest way to get my data onto the laptop), it would appear that I have just completely erased and reset my device, thus losing EVERYTHING that I wanted to sync to my laptop.

This is irritating. Oh, who am I kidding? My HAIR IS STANDING ON END and it's not from bedhead.

I keep trying to use these stupid devices and invariably they become nothing more than an expensive electronic phonebook - and now I've lost even that. I switched from PocketPC to Palm because I really wanted to be able to use the WeightWatchers software. Of course - and they DON'T TELL YOU THIS UPFRONT - with the device I got, you have to have a wireless connection to be able to use the WW software. I don't have a wireless connection. I don't want a wireless connection. No Wireless = No WW software.

JesusMaryandJoseph I just wanted to get my updated contact list into the computer. Stupid LifeDrive. It's sitting there, just looking at me with the reset screen still on . . . and it's not doing anything. It should have done something by now . . . Great. It's frozen.


Why is it when you think you're getting something great, it often turns out to be virtually unusable???? The same thing just happened to me with my Ravelry T-Shirt. They were selling these T-shirts, and they had that cute "women's cut" available in addition to the general Beefy-T from Hanes. I was very excited to see MY SIZE in the cute cut - I was so happy to see it that I ordered it!!! No more Beefy-T's for me!!!! Wheeee!!! A cute tee in MY SIZE!!!!!!

You see where this is going, don't you? I know you do if you got one of the limited edition Ravelry shirts in the "AA" style. My cute t-shirt came. And it would fit a toddler. I'm not joking. OK - so, I shouldn't have gotten all excited without reading the fine print. Except I never saw any fine print - I was blinded by the light of seeing something cute in my size. Who knew that there is a company who made up their own sizing with no regard whatsoever to general sizing standards and principles. Live and learn.

Oh - OH!!!!!! OHMYGOD!!!!!! My Palm!!!!!! It worked!!!! Thank you thank you thank you, God!!!! This is one of my luckier lucky days. I have no idea what just happened, but my Palm just reset itself and did not lose any data AT ALL. Wheeeeee!!! I take it back - I take it all back!!! Well, not the part about the toddler-sized t-shirt.

OK, I'm not so cranky about missing my workout after all.

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