I am One in 1,000

It was a Dark and Stormy Night. . . Literally. On Friday night, October 26th, I got off my usual train, freshened up my makeup, hopped in the auto, and made my way to My Sister's Knits, my favorite local yarn store, to have my picture taken by Franklin Habit for his 1,000 Knitters project. I had had the chance to do this a couple of weeks earlier at the YarnCon event, but I knew that he would be coming down to the Southland, and I really wanted to support the shoot locally.

I made it to the expressway, and just as I was heading up the ramp, the heavens opened. I mean it was like an upside down gusher. I made it to Beverly and was worried that I wouldn't get a parking spot close to the store. I have an umbrella in the auto, but it was raining so hard that the water seemed to be bouncing back up off the sidewalk! Luck! The Parking Goddess was with me, however, and I got a spot practically in front of the store :-) I passed a very enjoyable hour or so - meeting Franklin again, chatting some, and getting my photo made, and then sitting talking with Jan and store owner, Carol - and of course, opening my wallet. Some very nice Noro Kureyon and some Artyarns Regal Silk jumped in my bag, along with a few new books! And I went home with some very good ideas for very stretchy socks!

OK, actually, I'm 0221 in 1,000. I'm the one in the middle!!! For all that I just do not like to have my picture taken, I really wanted to participate in this project . . . and I'm absurdly thrilled that mine is featured on his blog. :-D Thank you Franklin.


Kris said…
Congratulations! I saw the picture and was like..hey, is that...oh boy that's A!!

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