Tuesday, June 3, 2008

If It's Not One Thing, It's Another . . .

The main computer here at home bit it last Tuesday night. I've tried everything I can think of (and everything my cousin's husband - an IT guy - could think of), but the dreaded Blue Screen of Death is just not budging. I can't even get it to boot up in Safe Mode.

Embarrassingly enough, I think I caused the problem by playing a very old computer game. "Doom." I confess - shooting all those monsters and finding all the secret stuff is the best fun. I should have fired up the old computer that actually runs Windows 95 and played it there, but since the splitter cables croaked, it was just easier to try it on the desktop. Not. Clearly.

Oh well, the computer was actually my late mom's and was about seven or eight years old, so it lasted quite a while, and I didn't lose anything majorly important, but it's making it a little difficult at this point - so no photos for a bit until I get the laptop set up with the additional software, etc. necessary for all things visual.

Spent a long weekend in Tulsa at the National African Violet Convention where I was a speaker on planting by the phases of the moon and the moon signs (it's about fruitful and barren days and working with the moon like farmers have for thousands of years). It went quite well and I had more fun than I actually expected. I came home with a crazy number of plants after having no intention of getting any plants at all, but really, when you see them all in show bloom it's pretty much impossible to resist them. Tomorrow night - a fruitful day for planting - there will be repotting and putting down of leaves Chez A :-)

The Montego Bay Scarf is finished but for the braiding of the fringe - I really really like it :-)

I had a scary thing happen today. I had something called an ocular migraine. Sort of a migraine without the headache, I guess. They have similar symptoms to a number of things, including a detached retina. When retinas are involved, time is of the essence, so when the jagged wild flashing (looked sort of like a C-shaped cubist Mondrian with marquee lights) didn't stop after a reasonable amount of time, I hightailed it to the doctor, afraid of losing my vision. Thankfully it was not a torn retina. I felt very embarrassed, because - of course - by the time I cabbed there, the main symptoms had stopped. I was reassured that I had made the right choice, and my eyes were thoroughly checked, and I was advised to get a physical, something I've not done for some time. . . guess I should pay attention.

As a kid I had very bad headaches - probably low-grade migraines if there is such a thing, but I never had auras with them. I never had a headache today, but having spent the afternoon with my eyes dilated to the max, I'm not feeling the greatest now - but I can see - and I'm more happy and grateful about that than I can tell you.


Kris said...

I really hate computers some days...it's really a love-hate thing.

Can't wait to see pic's of the scarf!

The Knitted Squirrel said...

I am looking forward to the pIctures of the Violets and your scarf.
I'm glad that your vision has returned. Sometimes physicals are necessary even though we really don't want to know what is wrong with us. But scary or not the best way to deal is HEAD ON! Maybe this is just another part of your finding yourself journey!.
Have a great day and I'm glad you are fine.