Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stuff Keeps Breaking :-S

Is the moon in some wonky phase??? Is Mercury in retrograde again??? What is with all my stuff breaking???? DammitDammitDammit! I mean, does everything have a lifespan of 7 years??? First the computer, and now my treadmill. The computer is an irritation. I have a laptop and I can use that until I decide whether I want another desktop, but the treadmill is a blow. I walk for an hour, 5 days a week on it. I'm not the fastest walker, but I can walk a pretty long time. After my go-round with the incline sticking, I worked myself back up to (for me) a reasonable pace and up to 3 miles each day during the week. To have it crap out is really irritating now when I'm doing so well.

I had noticed earlier this week that the belt had started slipping - which is dangerous, and then this morning, I noticed that the belt was not centered. So, I got out the directions (yes, I keep all that product documentation :-D) and read how to adjust the belt - which didn't work, and so I loosened the bolts to start over because they were then too tight. That didn't work either, so I started tightening them again, and the belt promptly wonked to the right again. I thought I got it right, and got on it to test it. Thankfully I was holding on to the rails because the belt slipped almost immediately and it was a big slip. I spent a half an hour on it before deciding that it's old enough now, and has enough miles on it that it's probably not worth fixing.

Great. :-S

So, bright idea! I have trekking poles! I got a new pair before I went to Sedona in February, and I haven't used them much because I don't always like to walk outside (sunburn, asthma, etc.). But, they seemed the perfect solution to my current problem, so I put on a regular shirt over my workout clothes (since I was going out in public - don't want to scare the horses, as it were) and went to the front hall closet to get them. Not there. Hmmmm, must be in the car. I go out to the garage. Not in the car. Back to the front hall closet where I pull the 50 million backpacks out (why does everyone give you backpacks for giveaways??? I must have 8, and 4 of them are from work), and look again for the poles. Not there. Find my baseball hat, which I put on, but no poles.

I'm starting to panic. They were not cheap, and clearly I'd lost them. Dammit. DammitDammitDammit. Where could they be? I move all the coats over to one side of the pole to really look in the corners. No poles. I grab everything and fling it over to the other side. No poles. By now I've spent another 15 minutes looking for the poles.

If you know me, you probably know that I lose stuff regularly - the chronicle of the first time I lost my iPod is here. Most recently I lost two expensive tickets to the Cirque du Soleil for about a month. I found them Tuesday night (thank heaven). I lose stuff, but I generally do find it again - and usually after tearing entire rooms apart in my home. Anyway - I couldn't believe that I lost my trekking poles. They're not weeny like tickets or an iPod.

I'm standing there, in front of the closet, looking at all the coats when I see the bag for my spinning wheel - I hung it up in the front hall closet so it would be out of the way and not lying around the sunroom all the time . . . and the lightbulb went on over my head. Yes, there, not 5 hangers away, were my trekking poles. I'd hung them up so they wouldn't keep falling over. Geez.

Well, Hot Dog! At least I found them. :-) I managed to get a walk in - a very short one, but I'll be out there tomorrow and for all the tomorrows until I decide about getting a new treadmill - I suppose I could just go over to the gym where I have a membership . . . That would probably be too easy, huh? ;-)

I have no idea how far around my neighborhood I'm going to have to go to get to 3 miles, but I'm about to find out.

Wish me luck :-)

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