Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wheeeeee!!!!!!! I FOUND MY NANO!!!!!

That bears repeating: Wheeeeee!!!!! I found my iPod Nano!!!!!!

It's been missing for months - actually, let's say that I noticed it was gone a number of months ago. That tells you how much I actually use it - but use it I do, and I really like the portable speakers that I have for it. I started looking for it at the beginning of May.

Every bag (purse, travel, makeup, you name it), every drawer, every crevice in the car. No Nano.

Last night I dreamed that I found it in the pocket of a Black Watch tartan poncho (No, I don't have a Black Watch tartan poncho - I don't even own a poncho - you know how dreams are.). When I woke up, I thought, "how weird." But when I actually got up, I thought it might be worth a shot to check all the coats in the front hall closet - after all, that's the one place I hadn't looked.

First coat - my black and blue outer shell jacket - the one with eight million pockets. Jackpot. Has to have been there since early April - that's the last time it was cold enough to wear a fleecy with that shell.

EUREKA!!!!!! I have found it!!!!!!!!

:::::::Happy Dance::::::


Linda said...

Isn't it just so cool how our minds work?

A :-) said...

It is - I have really been looking for the darn thing for months and was actually thinking that I must have accidentally tossed it out. I remember nothing else from the dream, except the Black Watch tartan poncho (geeze, ponchos don't even HAVE pockets :-D).
A :-)