Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Yarn!

Thanks to the patient, kind, and encouraging folks on the Lendrum spinning list, I'm learning a LOT about plying. The Internet just amazes me sometimes - I learned to grow African violets online with the help of growers all over the country, and now I'm learning to spin the same way. This totally rocks.

Anyway, skein two came out looking about as icky as my first effort. More experienced eyes looked at the photo of the first skein and said, "more ply twist," and gave me a link to a wonderful You Tube video by Abby Franquemont Wow!!! Thank you, Natalie!!

Another list-member said, "3-ply covers a multitude of sins," so I thought I'd give it a try - particularly since I had 3 bobbins of singles left. Oh how true!! Thank you Christine!!

Here are my three skeins together. The first is 2-ply and has been washed (that's the Ick-a-Roo skein). The second has not been washed. It is 2-ply that I ran through the wheel again to get more ply twist. The third has also not been washed yet. It's 3-ply.

Here are two close ups of skeins 2 and 3. I'm way pleased with how they look already and will be washing them this evening - this time in HOT water, thank you Judi!!

Here is #2

Here is #3

I'm off to run the water hot!

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