Sunday, July 1, 2007


A few weeks ago the small African violet society of which I am a member had their annual show. Here is of one my plants. It's an African violet species, s. orbicularis var. purpurea. I grew it from a leaf. It's still a relatively small specimen (it's in a 4" pot), but will likely grow to substantial size if I can manage to keep it alive :-D It won best in its class, and also was Best Species plant in the show!

I've just realized that none of my hobbies involve much of anything electronic. I knit, raise African violets, and recently have learned to spin (wool, not an exercise bike). In fact, I took a spinning lesson out at The Fold, and liked it so much that I purchased a spinning wheel - which prompted one of my friends to ask me if I'm going to move to a cabin and take to wearing "Little House on the Prairie" clothes.

Well, OK - I've been knitting since I was a little girl, and I love indoor gardening, and I did recently buy that spinning wheel (there is roving, top and sliver - there seem to be a lot of names for fiber - all over the joint to practice with), and I do live in The Prairie State. I can see where they were going ;-D However, I'm far from a Luddite. No - I just have found my creative process appears to be in my hands. In the world we live in today (at least the world I live in) - where we seem to go faster, jump higher, work longer, play less - it's a joy to have quiet, simple time, creating things that are beautiful and functional, and to have plants throughout my home to enjoy.

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