Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Works in Progress

Independence Day! I am enjoying my day off - and have been watching movies and doing handwork all day long :-) I thought I would share a few photos of some of my works in progress. First, here is a photo of the prayer shawl I mentioned a couple of posts ago. I'm working on this - and also this scarf as part of a prayer shawl ministry, that we have recently started at the church I attend. I've been enjoying getting together with a group of "church ladies" on Thursdays. I am one of the teachers, so it's been a lot of fun. More information about the original group and its founders is available here: Prayer Shawl Ministry.

There is an Iona story behind that camo yarn. There are a LOT of Iona stories in my life since my visit there in March of this year, but more about that later. For now, that camo yarn carries with it the joy and peace of Iona, and it is knit with the intention of love and serenity for its recipient.
OK - you HAVE to see these. Could they be any cuter???

This adorable pattern is the BEST thing for leftover sock yarn!! It came from the 2007 Knitting Calendar Pattern-Day, a calendar in a box that I picked up when calendars went to half price in January :-D It was worth it for these cute socks - I am ready for any baby shower, now! Even MORE perfect, no worries about pink for girls, blue for boys - these are totally unisex.

Last night I finally had the opportunity to see "An Inconvenient Truth." No matter what your political leanings are or how you feel about Al Gore, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS FILM. Which leads me to my next project - the Lily brand Sugar 'n Cream Crochet Market Bag. Linda told me that she was making one of these, and I remembered that I had a copy of the free pattern, and my stash needed some thinning. We were using canvas bags in Colorado when I lived there 20 years ago, but somehow mine fell by the wayside. I'm sure you've been hearing the same newscasts and reading the same articles that I have. We know about the problems with petroleum-based bags (thousands of pounds in landfills, cities and counties banning their use). This Market bag pattern is FREE on the Lily site, and I just noticed that their "Cottage Tote" is what amounts to a canvas shopping tote - and that pattern is there for free as well. If crochet is something you've been wanting to tackle, what better way to get started!

Using canvas grocery bags and making a string market bag is a small gesture, I suppose, but if it keeps a plastic bag from the landfill, I think it's worth the tiny effort it takes to remember to take the bags to the store. I plan on keeping one or two in the car at all times.

I just ordered a case of biodegradeable trash bags. I'll let you know how they work out.

An Inconvenient Truth. Please, you need to see this film.

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Linda said...

I'll have to try that Cottage Tote, too. I LOVE my market bag and use it all the time. I find that I need to carry along some plastic bags for re-use, too. Some things are too messy or small to put in the string bag (like string beans or chicken). Maybe a few washable Cottage Totes will fit the bill! Then again, I've also thought of crocheting the extra plastic bags densely into a sturdy tote, too. It sort of bugs me to go to the farmer's markets and see all the plastic bags used there. I'd think that people who go to farmer's markets are generally more environmentally aware. It cerainly would cut down on costs to the farmers to not have to buy plastic bags for their customers to use, too.