Monday, January 12, 2009

Blizzard Warning . . .

OK - this is first for me. I've heard of (and lived through) Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Tornado Warnings, but never a Blizzard Warning.

It was snowing like a snow globe when I got off the train tonight, and there's definitely accumulation already. But, when I just looked out the window again, the snow appears to have stopped. I'm kinda hoping we dodge the bullet on this one. The really cold temps are going to be enough without a ton of snow. And the temps have already started to drop - my furnace has been kicking on a lot tonight, just to keep the house at 65.

In other news of the day - I tossed my name into the lottery for The Loopy Ewe's 2009 sock club. The odds are not good to get in, but I've enjoyed the Wollmeise sock club - even though my second package from that is still stuck in Customs (at least I THINK it's stuck in Customs).

I so love pretty much everything that Sheri carries - and it seems to be a good dispensation from the stash-busting wagon if I get chosen. And if I don't, I'm off the hook. So, I figured, why not? :-)

I still have some of my DIY Sock Club packages to open - but I know now that I will probably want to change the yarns around - since I learned my lesson about variegated yarns and patterned socks being non-compatible. Even so, they will be surprises when I do open some more of them.

In the meantime - I have a bazillion things on the needles again -a Clapotis, two pairs of socks (one for me and one for a gift), and the sleeves of the St. Patrick sweater, as well as that wacky Feather and Fan scarf (I can tell already that that one's going to languish for awhile.

Stay warm :-)

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Linda said...

Looks like we successfully dodged it...this time. I am DREADING the bitter cold that's on it's way (or already here...I haven't been out since my commute in this AM). I think I hate the ubercold more than I hate the ubersnow. It's early January and I am already sick of winter!