Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Crappy Weather Day . . .

I'm home today, trying to head off a sore throat . . .

The PT for my shoulder is going pretty well. Sometimes it really hurts, but last night, not so much. Yay!

Today - another cold and rainy day here in Chicagoland. I'm beginning to think that spring is never going to come. This morning, out in the pond that is my backyard, there was a Mallard duck and his mate - I don't know if they were scouting for a place to make a nest, or what - but given the state of my yard with all the rain we've had, I wouldn't be surprised :-D I tried to get their photo, but it was still too dark, and by the time I ran out to the deck with the camera, they were waddling off back to the big Blue Spruces at the very end of the yard. I hope they come back :-)

I finished the Clapotis - not in time for the First Quarter Loopy Ewe Challenge, but at least it's done - just waiting for a little bit of finishing and some blocking. Photos of it and the Lucy Bag will be forthcoming.

Well, I've had another dose of Airborne, had breakfast, and I'm in my workout clothes - no reason to miss my walk just because I feel like crap. I'm reasonably sure it will make me feel better! I had to turn the heat back up to 68 (it's really cold and damp here), and I've got my new Loopy Ewe red hoody on to keep warm. It's a great hoody, BTW. I washed and dried mine and it fits great. Plus, it's really really soft. Yay for hoodies!

I also took the time to finally update my Ravelry stash. I think I got a little carried away after being on the stash busting wagon for so long. I really do not need any more yarn for a very long time. However, that's not likely to stop me from some fun shopping at The Loopy Ewe - the Spring Fling is in a couple of weeks and I can hardly wait!

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