Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rain in Spring . . .

It's a rainy spring day, but today, it's not a "crappy-weather" day. It's warm - the kind of day I love without reservation. What is it about the rain that makes me feel safe? Never quite figured it out, but there it is. :-)

Oh yes - spring is finally here - I know this because I am on a first name basis with Red Sudafed, and OMG, they make you show your driver's license, sign for it, and promise not to sell it or make meth with it. It's the only one that works to keep my head clear when stuff is trying to bloom, so I sign away.

Yes, spring is finally here - because here is my annual picture of my beautiful magnolia tree. You can see the mists of rain, and what a grey day it is here. It's not fully in bloom yet - sort of reminds me of a sleeping giant just taking that last stretch before fully waking.

And yet, the beauty of its blossoms is fierce . . .

Look closer - the outer petals show the scars from the two recent, heavy spring snows we had, but it didn't stop them. They are the warriors of spring. When they have fully opened, they will be at the mercy of the wind. But for now, as they grow and pave the way for the leaves of summer, they are strong, and beautiful, and hold the promise of every good thing to come. And really, isn't that what spring's about? Isn't that the promise of this season the Celts call Imbolc?

The magnolia's leaves will follow, beautiful in their own rite, but for now, the riot of spring is upon these blossoms, just as it is upon my spirit. We have finally made it through this brutal winter and are renewed. Exciting and wonderful things are coming. I just know it . . . ;-)

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Kevin Lee Jacobs said...

LOVE your blog! I found it after searching powdery mildew/lysol on Google.
I'm a fellow AV enthusiast, and I've written a number of articles for AV Magazine. My silly blog is called "A Garden in the House."

Anyway, your writing is wonderful, and FUN! Kevin Lee Jacobs