Saturday, May 16, 2009

I've Been Trying to Catch Up . . .

Kind of a long blog break for me there.

Truth be told, I have been exhausted since my trip to The Loopy Ewe's Spring Fling, i.e., since April 23rd (also my happy birthday :-D). I don't ever think I'm doing too much, but I must be, because I haven't been able to get to bed on time more than maybe twice since then. I mean, I love catching up with my friend, KniftyRed on the later train, but I have to really hightail it across the Loop (or walk on Lower Wacker) when I catch that train instead of my regular one, and it's been happening to me multiple times each week for the past three weeks. . . not so good.

This might not sound too critical, until you understand that I go to bed by 9 p.m. in order to get up at 5:00 a.m. I've always needed around 8 hours of sleep, and when the alarm goes off at 4:45 a.m., I'm usually up and functional by 5. You might be asking why, on God's green earth, would I get up at five o'clock in the morning. Well, I'm what they call a "lark in the morning." I'm a true morning person, and I work out in the morning because I'm too tired by the end of the day to do it. So, I've found that getting up and walking, or riding my recumbent bike early in the day is best for me. If I'm up by 5, I have about an hour and a half to work out, and then have plenty of time left to get ready to go to work.

Lately, not so much. Seems like every night, all of a sudden it's 10 o'clock. Or 10:30. And I'm like, WTH - how did it get so late??? And then, I when I go to bed late, I can't get up on time, and my workouts get cut short, and I'm still sleepy and you can see where this is going . . .

I'm thinking that the Monday/Wednesday physical therapy sessions are taking their toll on me. I know my exercise time is down. Sometimes the PT work is really painful - I like to think that that can't be it altogether, but for the past six weeks, pretty much every Monday and Wednesday, I get home at 6, eat something in a big hurry and go to PT from 7 to 8. By the time I get home, it's 8:20, and I'm supposed to go to bed - but if there's anything left to do around the house - simple, little things, I usually end up doing them, and the time gets away from me. I haven't had enough sleep for almost a month and that, my friends, is not best for me. So, today I granted myself a day of indulgence, and I have been in my jams all day long! I slept until I woke up - which was 7:30 a.m., a major miracle that I slept that long, believe me!

I've started working through another book with my Iona sister, Tori. We're going through Joan Anderson's A Weekend to Change Your Life. This is a great book that we have both read before, but neither of us actually worked through it doing the exercises and writings. So, just like when we did The Artist's Way, my Saturday morning calls have started again, and we'll be working on it for probably 7 or 8 weeks. It feels good to have some focus there.

This was a very nice day - great call this morning for the first section of the book, and then I got ALL the laundry done, and actually made myself a healthy lunch (my Spinach Burritos! Yum!), and settled down with some knitting for a bit to catch up on some telly. I updated most of my yarn purchased from the Spring Fling on Ravelry, and then I decided that it would be a good plan to finally go through the 5 months of O Magazines that have accumulated. Now I'm working on the editions of More Magazine (which I like as well or more than O) that have also stacked up. And the day is gone.

Had a great dinner last night with my friend C. We went to Lockwood, a relatively new restaurant in the lobby of The Palmer House, downtown. If you're not from Chicago, you'll have to take my word for it that The Palmer House, like The Drake Hotel, is a quintessential "Chicago" experience. You don't find places like these anywhere else - at least I haven't, and I've been a lot of places.

The lobby of The Palmer House is on the second floor - the ceilings are mosaic and soaring, and you could blink your eyes and easily step through time there. Lockwood was very, very good - the food was great, the service attentive (and our waiter really took a liking to C!). I highly recommend it and would definitely return.

Oh - C really did like her Lucy Bag. She opened it up and said, "why, it's a Lucy Bag!" Yes, she reads the blog, and she clicked on the link a few months ago when I told her not to :-D I made this one out of Noro Kureyon. The colors are PERFECT for C (at least according to me they are :-) ). Kureyon felts well, but it became very very soft in the process. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I do have concerns that it might not be as sturdy as I had hoped. C assured me that she's not going to cram it full of heavy stuff, though, so I would guess that all will be well :-) And at least I have one finished project to show you.

And it's already past 9 o'clock. See what I mean? . . .

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candy t said...

Hope you get some rest. I was wondering where you were! The Lucy bag is beautiful!