Sunday, March 22, 2009

WhatChuTalkinBout Willis (Tower)?

Another Chicago landmark loses its identity . . . Comisky Park (now U.S. Celluar Field), Marshall Field's (now stupid Macy's), and now the Sears Tower (Willis Tower????) I know I'm a typical Taurus - we don't like change so much. And truly, I've never gotten over the loss of my beloved Marshall Field's - but come on. The Willis Tower??? That's just wrong. Geez.

And can I just say THANK YOU to all of you who said such lovely things about my socks!! Thank you all very much :-)

The Lucy Bag is done, and I've crossed it off - I just need to photo it. Using the Noro made a very soft, kinda fuzzy bag - but it's quite pretty - I hope C will like it :-) And C, if by chance you're reading this - don't click that :-D

I've got my Spring Fling Swap package all put together for my swap partner - I just need to get a box for it. It will go in the mail by Thursday.

And yesterday, I went to visit my accountant - a visit that I was dreading this year more than most. I never get a refund, and in fact, my accountant (I've been going to him for 15 years) told me last year to quit asking :-D and guess what . . . I'm getting a refund this year!!! Whee!!!! After that ultimately happy appointment, I headed home. I was going to visit with Linda the Chicken Lady, because I was going to a show last night at the Rosemont Theatre and it didn't seem to make sense to drive all the way home - but she's had a virus, and I just didn't want to expose myself to it. How smart am I? She finally went to urgent care this morning and has contagious bronchitis. Get well soon, my friend. :-)

I went last night to see Riverdance on its farewell tour. I saw it many years ago, at the Auditorium Theatre, downtown. It was not quite as I remembered it. Many of the dances were the same, but somehow it has lost its sparkle and bite. I think it must have been updated or changed somehow - but I could be remembering wrong, I suppose. But I actually have it on video and I'm going to watch it tomorrow on the treadmill! And then I'll know for sure.

Rosemont is not my favorite place to see a show, and I realized this time that the stage is not very big. There seemed to be a lot more dancers the first time I saw it, and there's no way they would have fit at Rosemont. Still, in all, it was an enjoyable evening and I came home with the CD because I like the music. For all Michael Flatley's posturing and puffy shirts, his original choreography still holds up quite well. In fact, it's electrifying, and if you want to see the real thing (with Flatley, Jean Butler and the group Anuna) - here's the 7-minute piece that ultimately became Riverdance back in 1994.

Riverdance (Eurovision Song Contest 1994 Dublin)

I couldn't embed it for some reason, but it's well worth clicking on that to view it. I didn't know that the producers of the show are the same people who did The Pirate Queen a few years ago (a colossal flop, I'm afraid - it previewed here, went to Broadway and unceremoniously closed in pretty short order. I saw that one too, and it just wasn't very good . . . )

It's been a cleanup day here, Chez A - tons of paper shredded, and I disbanded my DIY Sock Club - I never did make the socks :-D So I took stuff out of the bags and put it away - I needed the shelf space, and I'll use the yarn and most likely the patterns too, just not probably anytime soon.

The ice maker in the freezer sprang a leak - and I'm afraid it's been leaking for awhile . . . I found it Friday, leaking through the kitchen floor down into the basement. I thought shutting it off the ice maker would stop it. Um. nope. So yesterday I found the water shut off in the basement and turned it off at the source. So now the fridge is sitting in the middle of the kitchen. It is quite large, actually, once it's not in its specially built spot. Rather a pain to keep walking around it, but stuff has to dry out and I have to figure out how to fix it before I put it back, so I guess I'll be walking around it for a while longer . . .

Oh - and Spring is here - I think . . .

I think that that's all the news from The Third Coast tonight :-)


Kris said...

That riverdance video was very cool.

candy t said...

I don't like the new names either and I think Willis Tower sounds dumb. If you ask me, Macy's belongs in New York. Just my two cents.