Saturday, March 28, 2009


As part of the festivities leading up to The Loopy Ewe's Spring Fling knitting retreat, we again have swap partners. Swapping seems to be a phenomenon in the knitting and spinning world, where people get paired up and either knit something for the other person, or create surprise packages for each other. Any excuse for a present, huh? :-) Suits me just fine, because I love giving and receiving presents at any time, not just birthdays and Christmas! Plus, in the case of The Spring Fling, it gives the participants a chance to get to know at least one person before they arrive, which is pretty fun. This year I will already know some people, because there are a number of us who went last year, too, but veterans were paired with newbies this time, which I think is working out great!

This year my swap partner is M.T. We've really enjoyed our correspondence, and found that we have quite a bit in common. And either I filled out the swap questionnaire in horrifying detail (or blabbed constantly in our emails), or M.T. is psychic, because OMG she spoiled me ROTTEN with the swap package she sent me, and it's so perfect for me that I can't quite get over it. It arrived yesterday, and after a long week of pain with my shoulder it could not have been more welcome. It is the most amazing swap package I have ever received - admittedly I haven't received a lot of them, but I find it very hard to imagine topping this one.

I mean, look at that garden of blue. I encourage you to click and biggify that photo - it's a treasure trove of fun and wonderful stuff, and everything was wrapped individually with the cutest sheep tissue paper. I mean she really went all out with the sheep theme, too, and everything is perfect for me!! Just perfect!!

Sheep notecards, a sheep notebook, a foldable tote bag, a quadrille notebook, some highlighter tape for patterns, a touch of Bollywood in a lipstick holder that has some Burt's Bees in it, a Knitting Girl tin of mints, some Cranberry soap, a magnetic notepad (it caught the flash) and even sheep kleenex! :-D Oh - and some Shibui Knits in the Midnight colorway, which I have been wanting for some time, and a skein of Online sock yarn!! Whee!!!

But here's the best part - you see that middle part - the bag that's made of African violet fabric? Here, take a closer look. M.T. MADE that amazing project bag and its little accessory bag for me. Custom made for ME. She searched out African violet fabric - and believe me, I know that it is not easy to find, having looked over the years myself.

And it's my best colors - to borrow a line from James Taylor (again) ". . . deep greens and blues for the colors I choose . . ." - and the attention to detail and construction is nothing short of perfect. M.T., I think you have your next career all cut out for you
:-) Even the zipper pulls are perfect for me. I mean, "be yourself" and a Celtic spiral. How perfect is that?! Check them out - and while you're at it, check out the stitching and you'll see what I mean about attention to detail. I can only hope she likes what I sent her as much as I love what she sent me. :-) Thanks, M.T., I can hardly wait to meet you in person at The Fling!

p.s. Oh - I started the shoulder drugs last night and the prednisone and anti-inflammatories are already doing their thing - hard to believe, but I feel better already (oh YAY!), and I start PT on Wednesday evening.


Yarnsnob said...

Hope you feel better soon! Tell your swap partner that she made one nice looking bag, she should sell them.

PatQ said...

That is the best swap package! I love the blues. And the bags are beautiful.

The Knitted Squirrel said...

Your Swap package looks gorgeous! You are almost spoiled! NOT!
It's all beautiful.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Wow, after seeing what M.T. came up with, I think I'll never feel up to "swapping." Who could measure up to that?

On a related note, I think I've figured out what to make for one, and maybe both, of my last two Pay It Forward gifts. Now, to cast on....

candy t said...

African Violet fabric!! Awesome. What a nice gift :-)