Thursday, March 26, 2009

If it's not One Thing . . .


Apparently, I've damaged myself. I went to a "roller" class with my cousin back in February. It was a stretching class where you used a hard styrofoam roller to lie on, balance on, roll, on, etc. to sort of give your self a massage while stretching. I remember lying on it - and believe me, it was not easy to stay balanced - and at one point feeling something sharp hurt just to the left of my spine as I was stretching. And balancing. Stupid roller.

It hurt for a couple three days, and I didn't think much more of it, until I woke up about 6 weeks ago with weirdness in my left shoulder. I'll make a long story, short - which as you probably know, is difficult for me ;-) After dealing with off and on pain of the electrical variety, as well as burning/soreness, and at times not even wanting to have my coat on my shoulders for the first 3 or 4 weeks, I had a massage. It helped, but the pain never went away.

Fast forward two weeks to yesterday and a second massage - which didn't help at all this time. I saw the doc today - he thinks that the initial pain from the roller class triggered this - I have inflammation all through my shoulders and my left bicep - and the shoulder stuff is pinching some nerves - hence the electrical pain.


We have a 3-pronged approach:
  1. 6 days of prednisone - but thankfully the decreasing dosage and not the bomb
  2. 2 weeks of anti-inflammatory drugs
  3. And I have to go to PT.
I'm looking forward to the PT, though, because in my experience those physical therapists might as well be rock stars - I have been helped more than once with stuff like this. The really good news about all this is that although I have a pinched nerve, it's not a disk in my cervical spine - it's just really crabby muscles.
On a happier note - it's Spring in Chicagoland. It's really, finally Spring. This is not to say that it won't snow again before May, but for now, it's Spring, and I just love it!

It's Spring, and I can't stop thinking about my violets. All my African violets are quite the worse for wear after the winter we've had - everything has powdery mildew, and I'm embarrassed to admit that I have more than a few "palm tree" violets. This is not a good thing. A number of my standards are going to get cut off at the knees and restarted. I've arranged to get a growing mix that I haven't used before but comes highly recommended from a commercial grower I know in Indiana - I'm picking up a bag of it next Saturday, and when I find a fruitful day, the potting party will be begin.

It's been awhile since I've felt this interested in my plants - and I think that's a good sign - I really do love my violets, and I'm hoping to grow some very nice show plants for the fall. I am often asked about how I grow my plants, so I'm going to see about documenting some of my processes - there will be photos :-)

I mailed off my swap package for my Spring Fling swap partner - and she has mailed mine - it's going to be Christmas around here shortly :-D


candy t said...
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candy t said...

Oh crud! I posted but wanted to mention I hope you feel better soon, so I deleted the post, and now it says I deleted the post! Ugh. Anyway, here is the original message:

I have been fighting a never ending powdery mildew with my plants this winter! So far I've been catching it early.

Cheryl said...

Oh dear...feel better soon, love the socks you did, they are so pretty!!! Yes...I am being drawn into being a spinner but am going to drop spindle first...any suggestions on a spindle I am so new to this...I feel helpless and it has been a loooong time since that happened. LOL thanks

Linda said...

Yikes! I love my foam roll! Well, actually I love the foam roll even better when wielded on my by my *hot* perosnal trainer, Ozzy, but that's pretty understandable I think.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm so sorry you've been hurting! But I'm glad to hear you've finally gotten help and hope things will soon be on the mend. One of Rick's clients who is a PT has helped me more than anyone EVER with some physical issues. The last time I called him he was already retired, but offered to come to my house and work out the kinks and wouldn't let me pay him! (I told Rick to give him a steep discount the next time he worked on the guy's horses....)

Kristi said...

Oh...I hope you feel better soon. Thankfully it's not the discs and that PT will relieve the nerve. Call me when you get to the hotel in StL and I'll help you with your luggage, spinning wheel, etc. Kristi