Friday, March 13, 2009

Allow Me to Clarify . . .

For all of you who asked about my never having frogged a project before - I have frogged before, just never a project so far along. This yellow yarn was originally going to be socks and I actually started, but only got the cuff and maybe 1/2 and inch done when I changed my mind and went with the scarf. That wasn't much of a frog, and I had something in mind immediately that I cast back on (the ill-fated scarf).

I did have to frog the first of the Spring Forward socks because it was too tight - but I fixed the problem and re-knit that one and the second one (photos shortly!).

But no, I have never just frogged a project that I didn't enjoy and that was pretty much half way finished.

My first time knitting with a bamboo blend, I procrastinated for months with one sock done and the other not - and in the end, I couldn't not knit the mate. I gave them away and was happy to see them go. Something about a work ethic (forgetting for a moment that this isn't work and yes, it's supposed to be fun :-) ) I guess. I've just always been a "finish what you started" sort of person - even if it takes me some time. So, for me, frogging that scarf was really quite daring! :-D

Thank you all for your support and encouragement! You'll be happy to know that I cast on a new pair of socks tonight - one that's been waiting for awhile. My other lingering projects are too large for train/commuting knitting, so socks it is. My old standby, Opal - an older skein in what is looking to be a very interesting and different colorway.

They will be plain old stockinette so the Opal can do it's thing, and they are for my cousin's daughter, K. She's the last of the next generation in my extended family to get a pair of socks. She's the youngest and has been waiting the longest, so I figured I would start hers and get them finished - they will go quickly and will be enjoyable - the yellow will wait for a bit, but not too long. I think they will be next in the train knitting lineup

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm like you, I have "finishitis." In the overall scheme of things, a pretty good trait to have! But the frogging was good, too. :-)