Saturday, July 11, 2009


Before I tell you about my new furniture, I would just like to thank you all for your amazing and compassionate comments on my last post. Thank you very much - I clearly struck a nerve for many, and I was really touched by everything you guys wrote.

My mom was still on my mind today because I bought new furniture! She would have loved the trip :-)

A couple of weeks ago, I realized how disreputable the sunroom furniture actually looks. This, of course, coincided with the Church Ladies coming over to knit that afternoon. My hair was standing on end way more than usual when I realized that the old blue sofa and chair - which were my mom's - really had to go.

So, I started looking. And today, I took a road trip out to Good's, in Kewanee. It's always worth the drive. Good's is a destination furniture store (no kidding). They have a German restaurant, which my mom always liked because it reminded her of our days overseas. Well, now they even have a B and B! It's about a 2 - 2 1/2 hour drive, and pretty much a straight shot West on I-80.

I planned to get cracking really early, but I must have needed to rest because I slept way longer than usual :-D I got on the road at 11 and was there by 1:30. Had a light snack in the restaurant, found a sales person and started the process. The poor woman. I pretty much made her show me the entire store. This is no mean task - there are about three buildings with multiple floors each, filled with pretty much every conceivable stick of furniture you could ever want in a million years.

Now - the color will be different - but here, after literally hours of searching is the chair that fits my ass perfectly. Yay! This furniture is for the sunroom, which is a sort of cottage style, I guess (for lack of a better description). The walls are a creamy shade called linen (with white trim), and the floor is white ceramic tile. The rug is a blue Chinese floral, and the tables are a sort of French Provincial color (not style) - antiqued, I guess you would call them. And the sofa and chairs are blue. My mom's old living room furniture. Well, I'm sticking with the blue theme. This chair will be dark blue leather. The ottoman will be the fabric that the sofa pillows will be made out of.

Speaking of which, here's the sofa. It's a sleeper (kind of deal-breaker for me - I really wanted another sleeper in this room). Again, it will be dark blue leather, with two fabric pillows. Not those exact two pillows - well, the same style, just different fabric :-) The feet on both the sofa and chair will be "distressed" cream/linen, in keeping with the rest of the off white/cream/etc. cottage style decor (foremost being the gigundous armoire that conceals the majority of my fiber stash).

So, that's how some of the money from the closing of my mom's little condo was spent, and I think it's money well-spent. I'm also spending a little on myself for a weekend getaway in early August (more about that another time). The rest stays in the bank.

It was a long day, but fruitful, and I'm pretty excited about getting these new additions to the house!

Last weekend I started ANOTHER sweater. I'm a maniac, but the two I have on the needles already are both blue, and I wanted something completely different. Plus, those horrid people at Webs sent me another sale email not too long ago . . . and really, they twisted my arm. Both arms. I ended up with two huge amounts of Noro Silk Garden Lite, and it wasn't even on sale. It's so unfair. ;-)

Anywho - I started on Basic Black, a simple cardigan. Of course, mine will not be black - and I realized, once I had finished the back, that it will not match up at all because of the way the Noro stripes. But I'm going with it and I'm going pretty fast - I already have the back and the left front complete, and am about a third of the way into the right front (just since yesterday). It's simple stockinette, but the yarn is knitting up nicely. Should be a pretty interesting sweater when it's done. At least I hope it will be.

Tomorrow - I have a date with my electric hedge trimmer . . . I'll see about documenting it.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oh-oh-oh!!! Are you coming to see me at Sock Summit??? That would be so kewl!!!

LOVE the furniture, by the way. I could just eat up that style, and the blue sounds divine, But I would definitely stick with leather for the ottoman, as it is so much more durable and easy to clean, very important for something on the receiving end of feet, IMO. But the fabric will look beautiful and tie in with the sofa pillows nicely. Well done!

A :-) said...

No - not coming to Sock Summit, I'm afraid. Just a weekend getaway about an hour from home this time. :-)

Kris said...

I'm happy you found what you were looking for. Can't wait to test them out;)