Friday, September 18, 2009

Domestic Witch . . .

So. How about it? My pal Wendi over at The Knitted Squirrel has awarded me and my blog the Domestic Witch Blog Award (for Achievement in Magical Housecrafting). How fitting that it's Emmy night and my blog getting its own award!! At least I think it's Emmy night :-D
I'm not particularly domestic although I'm a pretty magical cook and a pretty good muffin baker, and I know how to do a lot of different kinds of handwork - knitting, crocheting, spinning, embroidery, some weaving, basic Kumihimo and I used to be a crack seamstress, so I guess those things count as housecrafting :-)

I'm not a witch, although I like to think of myself as quite magical ;-) I love Harry Potter, and he's a wizard (cue Hagrid), and I do have some magical socks - they are Balega's and if you don't believe me, go find some and try them out. I really love Elphaba from Wicked. She's a witch and she sings some amazing songs, This one is worth the 4 minutes to watch it and hear her. I also have a very cute pair of red shoes - not ruby slippers, but way cute leather flats ;-) Does that count? What? You say those were Dorothy's? Well, not originally . . . and mine are quite magical!

And you know, I love shows on the telly like the old series, Highlander - they're going along all normal like, until someone comes along, whips out a sword and heads start rolling and lightning streaks across the sky, and suddenly it's all magical. Geez - I think I'm a sci-fi geek :-D

Anyway - I'm jazzed to receive the Domestic Witch Blog Award!! Thank you Wendi!! I'm supposed to pick three people to whom to pass this on, sometimes it seems that not alot of people like to participate in these - still, I liked getting this one and I'm passing it on to:

Michelle at Boulderneigh - she seems magical to me in how she keeps it all together with a family, farm animals and all the other stuff she does - knitting, spinning, baking, home schooling, the list goes on!

Jamie the YarnSnob - she doesn't blog too much anymore, but she's really one of the most creative fiber people I know. She was there when I first sat down at a spinning wheel - a pretty magical experience!

Candy at Somewhere in Indiana - she grows beautiful African violet plants, and has forgotten more about computers than most of the rest of us will ever even know (I'm saving my blown hard drive to take to her to get my photos off - that's how good she is). She makes jellies and jams, and she's even talking about crocheting! Woo Hoo!

So, Wendi, thanks for thinking of me and for this way kewl award!!


candy t said...

Well, I'm flattered, as I never thought myself magical and I don't even have cute red shoes! But thanks a lot! It's my first blog award.

Michelle said...

Well, thank-you very much! (Can't believe I'm thanking someone for calling me a witch, a word only used in the most unflattering of connections around here - ha!)