Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where Have You Been . . .

Well, I've taken a few well-deserved days off from pretty much everything, including blogging.

But I'm back, and about to hit the ground running tomorrow. My Iona sister, Tori, was here for a visit and we had a great time - lots of end of summer sitting around (which both of us needed), a trip to the Swap-O-Rama, which was supremely disappointing, BTW :-( and a lovely evening spent at Linda the Chicken Lady's on Sunday evening. I took both Friday and today off, and tomorrow, it's back to work for me :-)

I have been cleaning out my closets and getting rid of alot of stuff that either no longer fits or is woefully out of style, this has left a pretty big hole in my wardrobe, so yesterday, we made a trip to Carson's and I did some clothes shopping. I didn't get the jeans I wanted, but Carson's house brand fits me quite well, which is nice because it was all ON SALE!!!! I got two pairs of work pants and five new fall/winter tops for LESS THAN $150 bucks!!!!! ======:-O Hot Dog! With what I have left in the closet the new pieces will get me through the coming months quite nicely. Bonus: Everything was significantly smaller than the last time I went shopping, so that was quite exciting, actually :-)

I had a lot of time to think this weekend with these days off - as mentioned before, I've been running on empty for months. I realized that there was so much left undone this summer even though I did a lot of things I really wanted to do. I didn't read one book all summer long. Those of you who know me in person know that that is highly unusual. I've been spending most of my train time knitting some gift socks - and there is at least one more pair to do before I head overseas next month. So reading might be waiting a little longer, but I'm longing for a good story to capture my imagination and take me away.

Today I've managed to get the laundry done and I went through a boatload of magazines that have been piling up. Oh, and I got nearly all the new yarn photo'd and catalogued on Ravelry and PUT AWAY. This has been quite the stumbling block this summer: Putting things away.

One of the really great things about living alone is that there isn't anyone to tell you that you can't do something. Since I used to be married to someone who couldn't stand a mess anyplace, I've delighted in making a mess wherever I've felt like it - all over the house. :-D I'm also creative - and most art comes from chaos. Thus, there's always stuff all over. I try to contain it in the sunroom, but I'm not always successful. In fact, my sunroom/studio is the worst, with projects and fiber and yarn everywhere.

So, today, a lot of stuff got put away and sorted, etc. This cleanup went well with the little armoire cleaning I did last week, which yielded a full shopping bag of yarn and fiber that I'm going to be destashing in the coming weeks. Probably will put it in my Sale/Trade section on Ravelry and see what happens. I've had good luck doing that in the past, and I have some stuff that I think folks will likely want.

It's fun to make a mess, but, there comes a time when things start to feel out of hand. And I'm a pretty orderly person most of the time - I like to be able to find stuff, and lately, I can't. It's out of hand here, and I'm going to be spending some time getting things organized and put away.

I caught ANOTHER Wollmeise update from The Loopy Ewe - never happened before, and then I caught two in one week. It all came today. Although I will likely keep most of it, I might still have some Wollmeise I'd like to trade (K - I'd like to see if I can trade Wasabi for a color I really want - but if I can't, we can talk :-) ) since, for someone who never seemed to catch any of it on sale forever, I seem to have acquired quite the little stash of it. It's all single skeins, however, which makes it a little difficult to use it for anything other than socks. Looks like a new box of Binney & Smith, doesn't it? :-)

Well, the dryer just buzzed, so I think it's time for the last load of clothes to go in, and for me to see about sorting another few bits in the sunroom :-) Oh, and the new furniture comes a week from today. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!


Michelle said...

You crammed a lot into one post there, lady! That's what happens when you take a blogging holiday. :-) And quit rubbing in your single status; I want a sunroom for the fiber to take over! I keep stuffing my acquisitions (WHERE is all this yarn and fiber coming from??) in hidey-holes, so as not to alarm the other residents.... hee!

Linda said...

Amazing colors in that yarn! I've never scored a Wollemeise update. Ever. Of course, I don't regularly try. One of these days...maybe.

-k. said...

someone on rav already popped my wollmeise cherry and i got a skein of 100 in Pesto! Such a gorgeous color. thanks for keeping me in mind, just let me know what you end up being able to do!! i know it's easier to trade for colors you actually want!

The Knitted Squirrel said...

Wow! Congrats on the Sales!
The Wollmeise is gorgeous...I have never been blessed...maybe one day.

candy t said...

Sounds like you had some fun days off work. Regarding messes, I make some pretty good ones around the house and I'm married LOL