Sunday, October 4, 2009

One Thing or Another . . .

Another chilly, wet day here - I should go to Ace and get some grass seed and fill in some holes in the yard. Hmmmm, prolly that's not going to happen. Apparently this is a good time of the year to put some down. But today I have a newsletter to write and edit, and my mission to straighten up the house continues. Right now, there is a messy little half circle on the sunroom floor of "stuff" that needs to be sorted and PUT AWAY. :-)

Here are some socks. These are just plain stockinette with an eye of partridge heel (I like those heels). The yarn is Mountain Colors' Bearfoot in the Gray Wolf colorway. My new camera seems to over expose a bit . . . so I fiddled with this in Photoshop a bit. It's pretty true now. This is a sturdy yarn. There is some mohair in it, which makes for a bit of fuzziness - not always my favorite thing - but it works well with this yarn and I think these socks will be very long-wearing. I mentioned this before, but the dye on these came off on my hands continually throughout the knitting process. I've not had that happen before. Still, the blues, greens and purples are very beautiful.

I continue to knit from the stash (waving to Knitterary). I finished my latest train socks - just need to kitchener the toe and weave in the ends - and I've put MORE up on my Ravelry Trade/Sell page as I continue to destash. One new yarn came into my house this week - in trade for one that left (Knitterary: No money spent ;-)). This is Wollmeise 80/20 in the Single Malt colorway. It's browner than I thought it would be, yet I like it very much. (Clearly I haven't quite got the hang of my new camera yet :-S) Wasabi went to a new home in trade.

I also traded my skein of Wollmeise Lace in the Raku-Regenbogen colorway. I'd had the skein since the fall of 2007 - I think it was from the first batch that The Loopy Ewe ever had. It was so lovely, but I realized that I was never going to make a shawl with it. I've learned that I don't care so much for knitting with variegated yarns when there is a lot of lace or stitch patterning involved. It just doesn't show up. I've really been wanting the colorway Granatapfel, and apparently Raku-Regenbogen lace is highly sought after. It was less than 20 minutes before I had a trade, and two skeins of Granatapfel are on their way to me! Yay!

My car's check engine light came on last Saturday, probably in sympathy with Linda the Chicken Lady's car. I was very low on gas, but since I always use really good gas (no Speedway for me, I'm afraid - it does make the check engine light come on), so I didn't think that was what it was. I made an appointment for Thursday to take it in, and on the way over, I stopped and gassed up. Engine light: Gone! Wheeee!!! Called from the gas station and cancelled my appointment, and drove back home. Yesterday, I took the car for its emissions check, and it passed with flying colors. Very happy about that, since it's 8 years old. I take good care of it and will be for quite some time because my thoughts of trading it in for a Saturn Sky are now out the window with GM's announcement earlier this week. Oh well - I get great mileage, and it's quite handy to have a station wagon for carpool trips to The Fold and to haul crap around.

And speaking of announcements . . . I admit I was sort of ambivalent about Chicago getting the Olympics. I was very excited about it on the one hand, but worried about the money aspects and how the city might get left holding the bag on the other. But cut out in the first round?! Geez. Oh well. Everything happens for a reason, and I guess we're not meant to be in the world eye in 2016 (at least not for the Olympics).

Time for me to get downstairs and ride the bike for awhile - But first, I'm going to attempt one mile on the treadmill in my new hiking boots. I'm going to stretch and go slow - I can't go to Scotland with hiking boots that are fresh out of the box. It's been a month of stretching and Advil and it's time to test the waters anyway. If I pay for it tomorrow, I'll know to back off.

It's October . . .


Michelle said...

Good for you for trading yarns! I'd like a stationwagon, too -- for dog(s). Nothing great happening here; the doldrums have to take a holiday soon!

Knitterary said...

I've knit a few pairs of Bearfoot socks, and they're among my favorites, but I have two cautions for you. First, they are extremely warm, warmer even than wool. Second, they're very tender in the wash. I usually wash all my socks in a lingerie bag in the machine on gentle cycle, cold water, but the Bearfoot can't tolerate that. Hand wash only.

Your are gorgeous. Love the colors!