Friday, October 2, 2009

Seasons Change . . .

It was 58 degrees in the house yesterday morning. I went downstairs and washed the main furnace filter, but I didn't turn the heat on. But then, this morning it was again 58 degrees in the house . . . Yes, I have succumbed to turning the furnaces on and it's only October 2nd. Oh well. I'm thinking of President Jimmy Carter in the last energy crisis: "Put on a sweater." I will. I do. I keep the house pretty cool anyway in the winter, so sweats and sweaters are what I live in at home from now until spring :-) But I slept all night under two German bed quilts (I think here they call them duvets), and when I got up, it was just too cold.

Fall is here - and already it's so beautiful. Clearly there is a snap in the air, and the trees are trying to turn. That only seems to take a few cold nights. Plenty of leaves already falling. I actually saw my first red tree on Labor Day weekend. It was a shock! A lone maple near the Swap-o-Rama - red as fire. I think it probably forgot to set its clock properly. Soon we'll "fall back" and get that extra hour - always good for mornings.

Not too much exciting to report around here - I have finished couple pairs of socks, but haven't had the chance to photo them. I'm washing one pair of them now - they are gift knitting, and are made from Bear Foot. This yarn left a lot of color on my fingers when I was knitting them, so I washed them to be sure the recipient doesn't get blue feet the first time she wears them. I have to say that the mohair in this yarn put me off a bit (I'm not one for fuzzy stuff), but they washed beautifully, and the Gray Wolf colorway is really lovely - photo just as soon as they dry!

I put some yarn on my trade/sell page on Ravelry, and already sold one thing! Yay! Oh - I got a new camera. My handy little Kodak Z612's light meter went wonky and although I'm still contemplating getting it repaired, I purchased a new Kodak Z1015 IS. It's just enough bigger than the other to not fit in the little camera bag I have :-S So I got a new one.

Last night I went to Carson's and closed the store. New underwear. That's right. I needed new underwear, and let me tell you - it's a pain getting fitted properly. I tried on every possible fit in the store for both top and bottom. Only ONE real choice on the top, but I'm happy with it so I got two. The bottoms, even harder to figure and fit. But it's done now, and since I had my 15% shopping-all-over-the-store coupon, I continued to shop.

And there was NO ONE in the store last night. Their Goodwill sale was over and it was "a dark and stormy night." In fact, the lights were knocked out in the Mall, and flickered in the store! Wow!

I got a nice selection of turtlenecks, and other tops and a new pair of jeans. And I also treated myself to a new bag. How cute is this? I'm pretty much a one-bag woman (an old Coach style that they no longer make - I search for them now on eBay), but this was SO cute, and I have Scotland on the brain, so there it is. There seems to be a way to lengthen the strap, but I think I'm going to have to take it to the shoe maker for some help because I wasn't able to adjust it myself. Probably a good thing, and maybe I should just leave it alone . . .

I finally have had some time around the house to get thing in order - I really overbooked myself this summer. Last weekend was great for making a start on getting things put away. I started with the yarn and fiber that seems to be all over the house now. Thus the trade/sell stuff. There is a shopping bag of yarn that needs a new home, so check it out on Ravelry (a Ravelry link)if you're interested. There will be more - and some fiber, too, in the coming weeks.

It felt pretty good to get stuff taken care of - and a little disconcerting to realize that I hadn't even photo'd some of the stuff I wanted to put up for sale. And the yarn armoire is full. I'm not kidding full. JesusMaryandJoseph full. So is the door chest in my guest room . . .

When we were at Stitches, Knitterary and I shook hands to get on the stash busting wagon until the end of the year (I have a dispensation for yarn bought overseas :-) ), but really, I'm thinking that it's now critical that I KNIT and SPIN what I have rather than acquire more. Let's see how well I do with that . . . My latest train socks are done, and I'm thinking of taking the sleeve for my Empire Pullover for train knitting. Only problem is that it's knit on long straights, and they can be a little challenging on the train, and I'm using two balls of yarn to alleviate striping. I may have to re-think that - those two factors might make it a disaster-in-waiting for train knitting . . . Oh! I've got a sweater vest on a circular needle that could work out for train knitting. In fact, I think I'm going to get that together!! Yay!

But not today. Today I'm driving downtown. I don't do this very often, but I'm going tonight to hear Wayne Dyer speak. I've had the tickets for months and I'm taking a good friend of mine. I think we both need to hear his message, which is: "Excuses Begone!"

That's the news from The Third Coast this chilly, wet morning :-)


Michelle said...

That's where I am - must knit and spin from my stash - but haven't had much time for either activity lately. Maybe when Brian goes to college.... :-(

Linda said...

I think I'm going shopping this weekend for new underthings, too. It just needs to be done.

Fall is certainly here. I've heard the boiler pumps kicking on most mornings for the past week. I don't have the thermostats set very high (68F) but it's obviously gotten colder than that in the house overnight.

We knitters LOVE sweater weather, though, right? ;-)

The Knitted Squirrel said...

This is my favourite time of year!
I love to wear sweaters...
I also love the new bag!

Knitterary said...

I'm excited about our bargain. It's already helped me resist temptation a couple of times. :)